Moon Theme teased in Duckumentary series.

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#1 Posted by butano (1997 posts) -

So Capcom has released another episode of their Duckumentary series, and their most recent episode covers the sound design of the newest game. And that means a teeny tiny preview of the Moon Theme.

And man is it glorious.

It's really awesome that Disney actually helped out with this project by getting the original voice actors to replay their parts after 20+ years. Can't wait to get my hands on this game next week. Locked down my preorder on Steam after watching this.

PS: Their other Duckumentaries are pretty awesome as well.... A woo hoo!

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#2 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

There better be an option to switch to the original 8-bit version, just in case. (Not saying that this version is bad, but it's hard to live up to the DuckTales moon theme.)

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@video_game_king: I totally agree. This new version seems fine but, given the choice, I would probably choose original every time. The game is looking really great too, btw!

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Nice to see this kind of documentary & support for this remake, now just want to see a quick look on the site for it though pretty sure I'll get it.

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#5 Posted by Wolfgame (1145 posts) -

my favorite Moon remix is probably this one here the one in video seems ok, I am not sure if I am 100% sold on it at the moment. With so many fan remixes of Moon its probably one of the hardest songs to recreate well, just because everyone has their own favorite version already.

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