Duke Nukem 3D

    Game » consists of 30 releases. Released Jan 29, 1996

    Kill countless aliens while rescuing babes as Duke Nukem in this critically acclaimed first-person shooter.

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    Having fun devolving 0

      Forget the hubbub about next generation graphics and vehicle driving and 20 different kinds of physics engines per game. The reality of the matter is that the first person shooter genre hasn’t really evolved much since the early 90s. It doesn’t matter how much smarter the AI has gotten or how realistic the effects of wood shattering is nowadays, the major games still consist of military figures gunning either demons or Nazis. Perhaps I’m the fool for expecting anything more out of a genre whe...

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    It's not just the nostalgia 0

    When I played Duke 3d for the first time I was blown away. The graphics were amazing compared to Wolfenstein 3d and Doom, and the immersion was fantastic. I played this game for hours on end, and loved every bit of it. Duke Nukem is a total macho badass, and my teenage self was drawn to his catchy one-liners, and of course the pixelated boobies were a plus. After beating the single player I pissed off my parents to no end by tying up the phone line on the multiplayer servers. It was my first mul...

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    Duke Nukem Graces Another Console 0

    When I was a kid, I was "that kid." You know the one, the kid whose parents bought him M-rated games when others could barely watch violent cartoons. It's not that they didn't care, my parents just refused to believe the then-popular-now-disproven idea that violent games turned kids into serial killers. After all "there's violence on the news everyday." And that's how I came to own Duke Nukem 3D at the ripe old age of seven.Everything about Duke Nukem 3D is a relic from a long gone generation of...

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    Time has not been kind to this ground-breaking FPS 5

    Some games age better than others. FPS's can be separated into 2 visual categories: Pseudo-3D and Full 3D. Games like Goldeneye are fully 3D, while games like Doom 1 are pseudo 3D (they have 3D levels but 2D characters).Pseudo 3D games do not age well, and Duke Nukem 3D is a stunning example of how a game can become a victim of changing conventions.... So lets begin the review!Visuals: 2/5Duke Nukem 3D looks absolutely dreadful. The world is rendered entirely in 3D, but the low level of detail a...

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    GOTY of 19XX 0

    This game blew my mind, once a long time ago. Then I learned to build levels with special Pr0n animated GIFs. Then I killed my buddy Tim 100 kills to 0 on my custom multiple castle / pirate ship map while listening to Sublime and drinking Kool-Aid via dial-up 36.6kbps death-match. Technology. The end....

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    The Most Ambitious Game of Its Time. 1

    First-person shooters in the formative years since Doom were most easily characterized by their drab environments and their unrelenting seriousness.  Doom had created its fair share of imitators, making the genre seem drab and colorless compared to other genres.  Then came Duke Nukem 3D.  The third game in the Duke Nukem series, Duke Nukem 3D was also its first entry outside of the side-scrolling genre.  It ignored the norms of FPS game design of the era, electing instead to go with vibrant, col...

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    Best first person shooter for the n64 0

    Duke nukem 64 is the 3rd game from 3D Realms. If you are wondering what the story about go look somewhere else. I could not read the story that was played in the begin of the game, it was going to fast. There are 29 levels and 3 bosses in the game. The aliens are spread out so you wont be over whelmed by them. A lot of the enemies will go down with a few shoots but there are mini bosses in some level and take a bit more to kill them. In each level there are secret place, in these places are babe...

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    Review: Duke Nukem 3D 0

     Duke Nukem was the epitome of the 1990's and the Clinton years. An overconfident, womanizing, foul mouthed, beer swilling, ass kicker of alien species defines the character of the Duke. Duke Nukem was the last first-person shooter in which I only used the keyboard to play. Meaning I used the directional arrows to move and the ctrl key to shoot. When Duke Nuked 3D was released on XBLA it was good to see 3D Realms dig into their past and give a new generation of gamers a chance to experienc...

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