anyone get DLC yet??

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I been playing dungeon defenders and really enjoying it but when I saw there was DLC on PSN the other day I wasn't sure if anyone had played it yet. I have mostly been playing while listening to podcasts, which I think it's great for. So currently I'm still leveling up my monk to level 70 and there are a very insane levels. While I've been having fun I'm not sure if I should just move on to something else or get DLC and have dozens of more podcast entertainment.

just wondering if anyone had thoughts on it?

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It's only 1 level, and currently on the consoles the loot hasn't been implemented. Wait for the patch, which should be out soon, and it will be more worth it.

The stage it introduces is a motherfucker just so you know.

Those spiders suck.

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i bought it and it seems really skewed to high level play, i didnt get a chance to even try it yet.i have trouble getting into decent games as it is though im on the xbox.

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