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    Dungeon Fighter Online

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 22, 2009

    Dungeon Fighter Online is a multiplayer beat 'em up style 2D game with many MMO elements such as distinct classes, experience, and customizable equipment. The game is currently published by Nexon. Think Final Fight Guilty Gear.

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    There is a world outside of dungeons the character can run around in, a hub where the player can do various things such as buy, sell, craft, collect quests, interact with NPC's, Enter PVP, and interact with other players. From here you enter Dungeons


    if you have a party(up to 4 people) you will all enter together. If you are alone you will be the only one inside a dungeon. The game uses a P2P system for partying, meaning game stability depends on all the players internet speed. There has been much complaint against this system however as varying internet speeds can cause people to lag. Every dungeon has 4 Difficulty levels, normal which is unlocked from the start, Experts Road which is unlocked after beating normal with a B rank or higher, Masters road which is unlocked after beating Experts Road with a A rank or higher, and Kings road which is unlocked after beating Masters road with a S rank or higher. Each Difficulty gives more EXP with each higher difficulty, however the enemies get much tougher. When in a dungeon the Rank you acquire at the end is based on Technic points, Style Points, and how many hits you took. Style points are acquired through long combos, and aerial attacks. Technic points are acquired by varying your attacks and skills(not using the same attacks repeatedly) and by successfully attacking the enemy from behind. At the end of every dungeon is a boss and the dungeon is over once he is beaten, afterward you are given the choice to choose 1 or 2 of eight cards(four on the top, four on the bottom) on screen. The top four cards are one free shot at getting gold, items, and rare items. The bottom four however you have to pay a certain amount of gold to choose one and get another shot and are entirely up to the player if they wish to take another chance at the expense of gold. The higher your rank at the end of a dungeon, the better your rewards from the cards will be. As well as a higher chance of getting a rare item from the cards you must use gold to pick.

    Fatigue Points

    Every player has 156 Fatigue Points, you lose one fatigue point for every room you enter in a dungeon. The only way to explore other rooms is to beat every monster in a room, once this happens you are free to move on to the next room. Once you run out of Fatigue Points you can no longer enter dungeons with that character but are free to participate in PVP, walk around the hub, or change to another one of your characters. Fatigue Points are reset to 156 again every day at 6PST. Fatigue Points were removed in the Act X patch in North America and replaced with 'Blitz Points' which do not limit play and instead grant an increase in experience gain based upon how many dungeon rooms a character has cleared over the course of a day; the rate at which items lose durability and repair fees increase as the experience gain rate increases to somewhat counterbalance it.


    There are currently 3 versions of Dungeon Fighter Online available. The Korean version known as Dungeon & Fighter, The Japanese version known as Arad Senki and the English version Dungeon Fighter Online. The game has gone through various major patches known as Acts. Being a free game it runs on money made from ItemShops which sell various Clothes for players called Avatar Items which are used to customize the players character. Various other things are sold here to.

    Dungeon & Fighter

    The first and oldest version of the game currently in Act 5, registration requires a valid Korean Social Security number to prohibit people from other countries to play. Level Cap is currently 70.

    Arad Senki

    Released in Japan this version is currently also in Act 5, anyone can register however there is an IP block against other countries. Level Cap is Currently 70.

    Dungeon Fighter Online

    Released in North America, Open Beta Started on September 22, 2009. As of June 09th, 2010 DFO has been officially released. There is an IP block against any States outside of the U.S. There had been much outcry in the community as Nexon has made the EXP needed for leveling much higher then other versions. Nexon had responded by saying that they do not want players to get through everything to fast before the official launch even happens. The level cap was raised to 50 on January 27th, 2010. With the level cap raised, Nexon increased the rate of EXP gained from monsters in dungeons, clearing a dungeon, and completing quests. The level cap was later further increased to 60. The level cap was raised to 70 in the 'Act X' patch and the experience required to reach level 60 was cut by 40%.

    On June 13th, 2013 Nexon North America ended operation of their servers citing lack of player interest as the cause of the shut down, however in early 2014 a relaunch of the North America servers self-published by Neople. On March 24th, 2015, an open beta was launched with frequent updates from Neople bringing the game closer to other regions.


    There are five base classes in the North American version of the game, one of which has a male and female variant while the others are currently gender-specific. In Korea and Japan there are six base classes and in Korea there are currently two classes which have a male and female variant. Once the player reaches level 18 they can advance to their Subclass and at level 48 to their final Subclass. Each Subclass feels and plays very different from the base class it is derived from, in some cases they seem like entirely different classes.


    A sword user with an arm that is possessed by the demon Kazan. Many of his powers relate to his ability to use the demon inside his arm.Slayers can advance to Blade Master, Berserker, Soul Bender, and Asura. Then at level 48 to there respective class Grand Master, Hell Bringer, Soul Reaper, and Dark Knight. Slayers Can use weapons such as Wooden Staves, Katana's, Zanbato/Claymore, and Short Swords.

    Blade Master - Can use the specialty weapons called Beam Swords. They employ very fast and flashy looking close combat physical sword skills and are very mobile in combat. They use Light-Armor that gives bonuses to attack/move speed and hit recovery. Slayers become a Blade Master by furthering their sword-work despite the demon living in their arm. After becoming a Blade Master the slayer's demon arm turns from red to white as a result of an extra demon repelling brace placed around it.

    Berserker - The Blade Master's slow lumbering counterpart. While slower, they use Heavy-Armor which gives a higher defense and a lot more Health points as well as Strength. Berserkers are a Slayer that gave into demonic possession in exchange for incredible power. As a result they are in a constant state of demon-fueled rage. They gain more power through blood and most of the attacks they use cause enemies to bleed, taking extra damage and later healing the Berserker who kills the bleeding enemy. When a Slayer changes to Berserker your character's eyes begin to glow bright red.

    Soul Bender - If the Slayer takes an interest in the dark arts he may learn to become a Soul Bender. Gaining complete control over the demon in his arm and learning to summon other demons. The main asset of a Soul Bender is that they can summon different demon in battle who give a bonus to you and depending on the demon, different negative effects to enemies in their radius. They use Cloth-Armor which gives them lower max Health Points but much higher Magic Points and Intelligence to fuel their more "magic like" skills. When you become a Soul Bender your Slayer gains a dark and shadowy aura surrounding him.

    Asura - Also called Master of the Wave, give up their sense of sight essentially becoming blind. In exchange they gain the ability to see the Waves or "life force" all things. They manipulate the waves with their sword-work to create special attacks through the Wave. They wear Plate-Armor which gives the largest defense bonus out of any armor, as well as bonuses to max Magic Points, Intelligence, and Magic Recovery. They are usually medium to long range fighters because they rely on the Waves of energy created by their sword slashes. Their unique change is that they wear an X shaped blindfold over the eyes.


    A physical character who specializes in hand to hand combat and the usage of Claws, Boxing Gloves and Batons. They are able to "Juggle" the enemy in the air for large combos due to their incredible speed.Fighters can advance to Nen Master, Striker, Brawler, and Grappler. Then at level 48 to their respective class Blazing Flower, Champion, Hellcat, and Dervish.

    Grappler - They fight at an extremely close range and specialize in grabbing and throwing/slamming enemies for large amounts of damage in increasing over-the-top ways. They can even grab enemies and bosses which other classes are unable to.

    Brawler - They utilize claws and any tricks they can to inflict a wide variety of status ailments on their opponents, such as making them become bleeding, poisoned, blinded, or ensnared in nets.

    Nen Master - Easily the Fighter subclass with the most range, Nen Masters are also the most defense-oriented Fighter subclass. In addition to being able to shoot energy projectiles, Nen Masters can create a temporary shield or a barrier of electrified clones to ward off attackers who get too close. They also have a wide variety of buffs for themselves and other party members.

    Striker - They use more traditional 'fighting techniques' than the other Fighter subclasses as they rely solely upon a very wide variety of punches and kicks. While their individual attacks may be weak in comparison to a Grappler, they can devastate opponents with long strings of combos and 'super armor' which makes their attacks very difficult to interrupt.


    A character from another world who's specialty is long range combat. As the name implies the class can use Handguns, Revolvers, Bowguns, Muskets, and Hand Cannons. However various skills also allow you to use Grenades, Flamethrowers, and Gatling Guns. Gunners can advance to Ranger, Launcher, Mechanics, and Spitfires. Then at level 48 to their respective class Desperado, Wrecking Ball, Metalheart, and Viper.

    Ranger - Utilizes stylish gun-play with Revolvers, the classic gunslinger. They wear Leather armor and have the fastest fire-rate of any Gunner subclass.

    Launcher - With huge weapons they destroy large groups of enemies from far away with their Gatling-Gun, Flamethrower, Missile Launcher, and Laser Cannon. They wear Heavy Armor and can take the most damage of any Gunner subclass.

    Mechanic - Builds robots to help in battle. Sending small automated robots that explode upon enemy contact into battle while summoning support machines to fire from the back. They wear Cloth armor which gives bonuses to all magic damage, since all the Mechanic skill's damage counts as magic rather than physical.

    Spitfire - They mix magic with technology. Enchanting bullets with Lightning/Ice/Fire for added effect during battle. As well as Land-mines and elemental grenades which damage, stun, and freeze enemies. They can also use their bullet enchantments on other Gunners in the party, serving a dual role as damage dealer and support. They wear Leather armor for the Intelligence bonuses since the elemental effects of their skills get their damage from magic stats.


    A mage who has the appearance of a small child. Relies heavily on magical attacks and summons. May also use a broom, staff, and rod but mainly uses magic and ranged attacks. Mages can advance to Elementalist, Summoners, Battle Mages, and Witches. Then at level 48 to their respective class Archmage, Gaia, Bellatrix, and Sorceress.

    Elementalist - They are the most traditional of the mage classes as they utilize the elements to perform various area of effect attacks and as a result can potentiallly dish out extremely large amounts of damage, but cannot take much in return.

    Summoner - They are largely ineffective at fighting on their own, but are capable of summoning a very effective army of monsters to do the work for them while they focus on surviving and giving commands.

    Battle Mage - Nearly the exact opposite of an Elementalist, Battle Mages charge into battle using melee attacks combined with element-based chasers which buff them and help to keep opponents in the air for combo purposes. While they do not have much better armor than other mages, their Mana Shield ability allows them to take quite a few hits.

    Witch - They are the only class which can equip magical broomsticks which serve the dual-purpose of being both weapons and tools which let them fly across the battlefield. They have a large variety of attacks and their spells have a unique luck aspect in which they can either 'fail' and be less effective than usual or potentially be a 'sleeper success' and be far more effective than usual.


    Unlike the priests of norm, these are actually the toughest looking class in the game with a buff look. They are the only class in the game with the healing ability and can use various support skills. Main attack is using weapons such as huge crosses, totems, scythes, and axes. However can also use grappling and punching attacks. Priests can advance to Crusaders, Monks, Exorcist ,and, in the future, Avengers; the Korean version recently gained access to the Avenger class. In Act 4 the look of the priest was greatly changed among many other things.


    A double Dagger wielding Femme Fatale and potentially the fastest class in the game. They specialize in quick and aerial combat and were recently added to the North American version. At this moment they can only advance to Rogues and Necromancers, but will be able to turn into Shadow Dancers and Kunoichi in the future.

    Female Gunner

    The female version of the gunner is mostly similar to the original, male gunner in many ways, but they have some differences in attack animations and certain skills. They also tend to be weaker, but faster.


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