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One of the most enjoyable PC game to play, ever. =) 0

If you do not wish to read the full review I have made a brief; good and bad points about Dungeon Keeper 2.Good: The humour of dungeon keeper 2 will make you smile throughout each stage, The graphics and sound set the mood very well making you think you were there breathing in the cold, dank air, Many ways you can approach a situation, Traps and spells are a fun and neat edition, Equally as good as it's predecessor, Even if your not a huge fan of RTS the game is still fun.Bad: One mission is way...

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Dungeon Keeper 2 review by Termite 0

Game Review: Dungeon Keeper 2Dungeon Keeper 2 was released in 1999 by Bullfrog Productions ( Now owned by EA ). It is the sequel to Peter Moleneux's Dungeon Keeper, which was released in 1997.The game has you, the Dungeon Keeper, creating a dungeon and fighting the heros who are trying to cleanse hell of evil. You start off with a dungeon heart ( Which is literally a beating heart ) and a few imps. These imps are capable of digging out rock and mining gold, making them very important.You also fi...

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