Dungeon Keeper on Vista

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I am angry as only Vikings can be, blood boilingly mad. Well, not really but one must always dramatize to get a point understood. Dungeon Keeper does not work on Vista - ever. I am willing to go so far as saying that Dungeon Keeper doesn't even exist in this modern world of ours. Indeed it doesn't. Vista has completely erased that shit (good shit) from the world. So, naturally I think to myself (as I so often do) "Go Ubuntu for life, dude! It's the way to go!". Yeah. No. No, it isn't. Shame on you. Now I'm beginning to ask myself what the heck I wanted to say... Yes, of course.

Does Dungeon Keeper work on your machine with Vista? Or does it in fact... not exist?

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#2 Posted by Jimbo_N (1479 posts) -

I am fairly sure I´ve played it at least once on my Vista install just fine.

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I played through it on Vista last year. It might have taken some compatibility fiddling, and I recall the map select screen scroll was so fast you could hardly click on the levels, but the actual game part ran fine.
About to install on Windows7 x64, fingers crossed.

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