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    Dungeons & Dragons Collection

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Mar 04, 1999

    The console port of the two beat-em-up games set in the D&D Universe.

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    Dungeons & Dragons Collection is a Sega Saturn port of two beat-em-up games set in the fantasy world of that universe. These games were first released in the arcades in Japan and selected states in America. Capcom ported the games to the Saturn in 1999 in Japan. The ports were not released in anywhere else, as the Saturn was already a dead and gone console in non-Japanese markets. However, gamers could find D&D Collection at guru stores that sold import games, like Electronic Boutique.

    Included in the collection

    Tower of Doom (1993): The first game in the collection has you taking four fantasy heroes on a quest to stop an evil sorcerer from conquering the world.

    Shadow of Mystara (1996): The sequel to Tower of Doom. The game has a couple of new characters along with the original cast, and a revamped inventory and spell system.


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