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Of the nine provinces under the Tamrielic Empire, Morrowind is perhaps the most unique. Due to the military and diplomatic prowess of Morrowind's Tribunal Lord Vivec, Lord Sotha Sil, and Lady Almalexia, and the resurrection of their nemesis, Dagoth Ur, the conquering Emperor, Emperor Tiber Septim, was hesitant to invade the province. As a result, diplomatic measures were pursued and the province was granted autonomy. Consequently, Morrowind is ruled by a king, the current king is King Helseth, and the three Great Houses that are Great House Hlaalu, Great House Redoran, and Great House Telvanni. These three, in conjunction with the Tribunal Temple and the agreed upon Imperial Legion occupancy, dominate the political and cultural structure of the great Dunmer province of Morrowind.

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