Crosspost from EVE online: CPP planning microtransaction model

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Some choice comments from CCP's Newsletter: 

- I shop therefore I am
- Buy me I’ll change your life
- You can develop a friendship by “spending” your time, or you can pay to get the same benefits that friendship would otherwise allow.  
- Emotion and engagement are the fundamental foundation for virtual goods sales.
- The question of virtual goods sales is not “to do, or not to do?” Rather, it’s “how do we do this?”

"One other service we’re looking at is selling faction standings. We want to offer convenience for a price. As an example, your friend might give you free tickets to see her band play simply because the two of you are friends; meanwhile, other fans have to pay for a ticket because, well, that’s how it normally works. The more noteworthy the band, the more those friendships (and thus the tickets) are worth."

"On the opposite end of the scale to vanity goods are performance-based items such as weapons. They are consumed through gameplay, making them a potentially powerful source of renewable income. Selling them for real money is very tempting. They are highly desired by the player audience and yield lower development costs, as variation can be achieved through numbers rather than unique art assets. Selling them though, is highly controversial. We are planning on doing so. I would be tempted to say it is because we are fearless, but the real reason is that we have strong evidence that selling performance enhancers, in moderation, works." (This was in the bit about DUST and not eve)

"Cosmetics are the easiest form of virtual goods sales to discuss, but they’re not the only ones. Items that improve the player character’s capabilities are some of the most effective at converting free or trial players into paying ones. According to Jon Selin, Lead Designer on World of Darkness, metrics from other games that sell virtual goods indicate that overall enjoyment increases"

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