Dust 514 Keynote Panel Starting RIGHT NOW (11 AM PST 2 PM EST)

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At all interested in the future of Dust 514? This is where you will find out about it. EVE's keynote will be tomarrow but you will likely hear some of the dust 514 related features coming to that game as well.

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been watching all morning and even though I'm an Eve player, DUST is actually the only thing I'm excited to see at FanFest. I can't wait! It's about to pop off up in here!

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Panel has started, still not late to watch.

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First live gameplay, looking good so far but I am curious how Playstation 3 players will like the idea of rich eve players being able to buy an infinite number of fleets of vehicles and weapons to equip their corperation players while Playstation 3 players who don't join a EVE Alliance will start with nothing.

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