Is there a GB Corp?

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So, I've been in the Dust 514 beta since CB First launched over a year ago.

I have played maybe 2 hours of it, total. Mostly because the game really requires cooperation, and while I hate lone wolfing it, no one really wanted to team up the few times I played.

That being said, the recent exposure on unprofessional Fridays made me want to give it another shot.

With that in mind, is there a Giant Bomb corporation set up currently? That way I could avoid the issues I ran into previously.

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I don't think there's a corp just for DUST 514 but I think you can join the eve online corp if you search for Kite Co. Space Trucking. You can at least join the "giantbombing" chat channel, I know I've seen Dust players in there .

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I'd be happy to rename my Dust corp to link with Kite Co. Space Trucking. I play a lot of Dust but just created a corp as a lark after the corp I was in dissolved. Currently it's named 'Atheist's for Xenu' send me a msge in game and I'll add you to the corp, we can change the name to whatever works .

I do suggest people sign up asap though cuz your main character earns passive sp, so it helps when you do jump in.

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Right now there's no benefit to being in a Dust corp, except for a chat channel, and you can already join "giantbombing" from within Dust. Also because of this, Kite Co isn't accepting Dust players yet.

Once those connections get fully activated, I'm guessing decisions will be made about whether to accept Dust players or have a Dust-only spinoff corp.

The Kite Co. Pit Crew, maybe?

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