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Specifically with the specifics... So many different stats to look at that don't make sense to me. Most stats are obvious but stats like the CPU, what does that one mean. And a lot more I can't remember. Is there a good "user guide" like site or anything for this game that'll teach me the basics of all that stuff. Because I like this game for what I played and really want to dive into it but can't figure everything out.

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CPU and GPU(?) are related to do with the amount of stuff you can equip. All the items take up different amounts of those two ratings (I forget the name of the second one, I just wrote GPU because that's also a computer thing).

I have no idea about a user guide or anything. When I tried playing it I just summoned a jeep and drove it over hills like a maniac. The game is too free to play-ish for me. It'll take way too long to upgrade stuff like reload speed or movement speed to get it to a point where I'd enjoy it.

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if it's anything like Eve, this is what CPU means except, instead of ships, it applies to your dude, gun, vehicle, whateverthefuck lol

In fact, I would assume a lot of the terminology in Eve more or less has the same meaning in 514 except, again, instead of spaceships, it applies to whatever it is you're looking at.

I really should play more of this game...I'm not a fan of betas because of progress usually getting wiped before launch. I've been in the beta for months and I only played a few hours of this game and 99% of the time has been just jumping into matches paying little to no attention towards anything actually outside the pew pewing.

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I know how you feel, I have been playing the beta and it seems great. However I can't seem to understand half of the stats and marketplace and fitting systems. While some of of this probably has to do with beta some with just not enough time spent playing.

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This is gonna be an amazing unforgiving game that will be great if they execute it properly. The learning curve is so steep it'll keep the 12 year old schmucks on black ops 2 along with there open mics and obnoxious music in the background haha!

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yeah so you have cpu and powergrid. Consider that basically how much you can fit on your suit, now you have modules which use a certain amount of cpu and powergrid. There are also some modules that use powergrid but boost cpu or use cpu but boost powergrid. The art of "fitting" as it is called in the EvE universe is finding the most optimal balance of different mods that you can fit on your ship (or suit in this case). This is also influenced by fitting skills which reduce the cpu or powergrid usage of certain types of mods, or skills to increase your overall powergrid or cpu. Unfortunately/fortunately skills are very important to get an advantage in terms of getting the most out of your suit and having the "tightest" fit possible.

To actually give you specific advise is a little harder. Hopefully CCP will be wise enough to deliver on their ideas about a fitting tool/remote access to items/fitting out of game. That way you could experiment with fits or even upload templates like you can already do in EvE online. I hope that is helpful.

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I agree hopefully they make a Dust 514 fitting tool similar to the EvE fitting tool because without one we will be wasting a lot of iskies on fittings that won't fit together......

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Most of it is related to passive bonuses. My understanding of how damage works in the game is, you have two HP bars, called Armor and Shield. When they both go to 0, you die. Shield regenerates fairly quickly, while Armor takes a while to get back to full. So when you're looking at different suits, you'll notice that different suits have different HP values. Some of this corresponds to the faction who makes the suit (some have a really high armor rating and low shield rating, and vice versa), and some of it has to do with the type of suit itself (Light, Medium, Heavy).

There are also suits that are designed to be role-specific, and have extra features that show up in gameplay. For instance, Scout-class light suits have much better detection equipment than standard suits, and paint targets from much further away. I also believe the Logistics suits include some sort of device for free, like a nanite injector or something, but don't quote me on that.

To get back to the two HP bars: the reason why this is relevant is because there are different types of weapons that are more effective against either armor or shields. Lasers kill shields faster, and projectiles kill armor faster (there's a better description that goes over all the different weapon types in more detail in one of the loading screens).

There's also the suit's "profile" value, which simply means how easily you'll be detected. Lower value is harder to detect. Light suits obviously have a lower value and are harder to detect, while heavy suits have the highest values and are the easiest to spot.

There are also a lot of upgrades that you can get and equip, based on how much CPU/power you have available. These can be things like increased armor repair rate, higher weapon damage, medkits, vehicle repair kits, and more.

I'm probably missing a lot of stuff, but not everything is critical to know, especially early on, because until you get pretty deep in the upgrade trees there's a lot of stuff that you're going to be locked out of and unable to use anyways, so you have time to figure these things out before they're really relevant.

I'd really recommend reading the tutorials if you haven't blown through them all. You won't understand everything right away, but you'll get a basic grasp, and can pick more up as you go along.

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