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Ok, so I have been enjoying my time playing dust. I jump in every other day and get a chance to shot some fools down. Now I'm still not fully sure how all the load out stuff works, but I'm enjoying my time. I just got an email from Dust, and there were talking about some new fight next week and trying to sell some pack of stuff for $30. What happens next is my question? I can't see myself dropping any real money into the game yet. but I guess some people are. Is this game going to be free to play at some point when its done? Will I be able to keep dudette I started in beta or will I have to restart with everyone else? Let me say I do like what they are doing, but I'm not sure how much time and effort I should continue to spend trying to get better and figuring things out.

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Trying to sell you $30 worth of stuff while you're playing a beta? Is this a common thing?

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The DUST 514 Mercenary Pack – a $50 value! - is available in the PSN Store for just $19.99.

// 4,000 Aurum ($20.00 value)
// Permanent Dropsuit and Weapon
// Consumable Combat Supplies

Hungry for beta access? Get into the game with the All Access pass included with your Mercenary Pack. Pick one up and play!

More Merc Pack Info

I wonder how many people are all ready giving money to dust ? I'm in no hurry to pay for anything but I would like to know what the plan is for when the beta ends.

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