Dust: An Elysian Tail video looks amazing

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Yea one of the GB Staff posted about this last week. I think it was Vinny, and yea it does look good.

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....I just saw this...wow....I CANT wait that looks amazing!!!

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If I'm not mistaken, it has recently moved from indie games to XBLA proper.

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@raddevon: Yep. It's the winner of last years  DreamBuildPlay contest and won an XBLA contract. The developer making the game is Noogy and before the GameTrailers E3 Live stream they showed a trailer that I think said the release date was "2011". Looks like a really great game! 
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Microsoft is really stepping it up with the downloadable exclusives.

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This is gonna be a real good year for XBLA.

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I played it at PAX. That and Deadlight were two of Microsoft's big deals.

It definitely looks beautiful. The developers were very nice as well.

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Aaagh, what's with the shitty 90's PhotoShop font filters? Jeese, dude sure can draw but someone needs to learn graphic design.

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