The Ending. Thoughts? *MAJOR SPOILERS*

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OK, so, i'm still working through the ending in my head. So, Dust is overtaken by lava at the end after defeating Gaius. That much is obvious. But does he die? On one hand, you see that scene with the sword's runes slowly flickering out, so I guess it's save to say Dust PHYSICALLY died, but then there's the part afterwards of that blue-colored spirit coming out of the pit he died in, with the sword quickly following behind it. Both Fidget and Ginger exclaim "DUST?!", but we all saw him die, right? Well, here's my thought: he physically died, but still exists as a spirit somehow. Maybe it has something to do with both of Cassius and Jin's souls being inside him, which allowed him to survive in some way, I don't know, but the big part that makes me think he's still alive is because the sword followed the spirit. If Dust had truly died, why would the sword still be following him around?

I'm getting all emotional just thinking about that end sequence again. So damn good.

Anyways, what do you guys think? Am I on the right track? Do you have a different theory? Lets have a friendly discussion!

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Dust is an fabled incarnation, so it wouldn't seem implausible for him to start anew, per say.

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Damnit I spoiled myself

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so basically hes Jesus

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I like to think he went to furry valhalla

...but yeah, he can probably reincarnate again given his nature.

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I grew to really like the story, even if it was kind of slow at first. I think the ending was supposed to be up to your own interpretation. (Unless we see a sequel) I'm guessing that they can reincarnate Dust if two souls come under similar circumstances. Might not be the same Dust though.

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@bigt said:

I grew to really like the story, even if it was kind of slow at first. I think the ending was supposed to be up to your own interpretation. (Unless we see a sequel) I'm guessing that they can reincarnate Dust if two souls come under similar circumstances. Might not be the same Dust though.

That's what i'm afraid of :( . Whatever actually happened, it was fantastic, and moving. I think it's safe to say that this game has one of the best endings of any game, ever.

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Definitely a good ending. I wasn't so sure of the story starting out, but it picked up pace towards the end and the characters were a lot of fun to follow. I'm still not entirely sure what to make of that last bit. Clearly Ahrah is still intact, and it can be assumed that Dust's body is now destroyed, but I'm not sure about his twin souls. My guess is that the soul of 'Dust' might be able to be reincarnated at a later time, but how and using what body is still a question.

Edit: Also, there's probably some room for a potential sequel, should Dean Dodrill decide to. After all, Gaius was referred to as the King's general and the orders to eliminate Moonbloods supposedly also came from some sort of ruler, the identity of which was not discussed.

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I just thought that the ending referred to the fact that Dust became his own being and not just two souls brought together for a purpose. He now has his own soul that could perhaps be reincarnated. Overall, I thought the ending was perfectly ambiguous. It's not a clear cut happy ending; we don't know if we'll see Dust back in action again. Yet, that possibility will still be there.

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In an interview with Dean Dodrill on IGN's podcast unlocked, he said he wants to do a completely different game next, but that he would like to make another game in the "Dust series". He then went on to say that if you watch the ending, you can figure out which direction the next entry would go. Which to me means that Dust's spirit lives on, and will probably inhabit a new form (maybe with different powers?) in another game. Love this game, and looking forward to whatever Mr. Dodrill is working on next.

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As long as Fidget is in whatever the next game is I'm happy. I grew to love that little Nimbat.

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@TheGoatMan1: So dust:the electric boogaloo then?

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I liked the ending, though I wish Cassius was given more character development other than being a moon blood hater. It has a better story than it should so I'm fine with it. I hope Dean makes a new IP instead of another dust game. His talents can be used elsewhere.

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Man, what an awesome game. Definitely in my GOTY category for sure. I assume its left for the viewer's interpretation about what happened to Dust.

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@MURDERSMASH: Don't be sad, he'll live on in our wolfshirts.

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Just finished the game and the ending and last boss were suitably epic, even though the boss was pretty trivial.

This is the best downloadable game I've ever played and one of the best games of the year.

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The whole game was easy, but did anybody else completely break the game in the last dungeon? I managed to make a combination of equipment that made Fidget so ridiculously powerful that I blasted through the level and killed the final boss before even seeing his attacks properly. Don't get me wrong, I really liked this game and breaking systems can be hella fun, but unfortunately I felt it took away from the drama that was going on in the end. Kinda like a ludonarrative dissonance in difficulty.

I guess people should play it on Hard then.

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Just beat it, the story in this game was juvenile and predictable. Sure it had mature themes like 'genocide' but it handled it with all the grace of a bull in a china shop. I'm not too disappointed though, the game was made by one guy after all, can't expect the dev to be a good programmer and writer at the same time. I have no idea what brad was talking about though, cloying and corny are understatements when it comes to the dialogue in this game. I literally face palmed during some cutscenes. Anyway, if you like the story, good on you, I'm happy and find it a little funny that so many people can like something I find so embarrassingly bad. Good thing the gameplay was really tight and pretty fun otherwise I would have dumped this game in an instant.

As for the ending, it was just the most stereotypical 'good guy is so good he tries to save bad guy'. Giaus was so evil and yet his dialogue was written as if he was just following orders and making the world a better place, it just didn't match the actions his character chose at all. And then he just couldn't fathom why Dust wanted to kill him and throw away all of the great progress they made commiting genocide for extremely poorly explained reasons! I'm not even going to touch the super cheesy dialogue as Dust says his goodbyes to Figit and Ginger and then goes on to not even be dead.

But again pretty awesome game for a one man dev team. I just can't believe people, especially Brad, think the story is good.

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