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A clay figure of Duster.
A clay figure of Duster.

Duster ( Dasutā in Japan) is Wess' son, he first comes into action when his father sends Boney to search him so that he can escalate a cliff at Mount Oriander where a Dragos is supposed to have taken Hinawa using his secret wall staple technique. He appears to walk with a limp in his leg, however this does not affect his speed or mobility. Both he and his father are considered "theives" but hadn't had much experience up until the Pig Mask Army arrived in Tazmily Village. He is known in the village for sleeping during the day and going out at night.

Duster is considered a moron by his father Wess, as he continually screws up, in the case of both becoming lost for 3 years and for originally stealing the incorrect item in Osohe Castle.

Osohe Castle
Wess, commanding Duster to sneak into Osohe Castle.
Wess, commanding Duster to sneak into Osohe Castle.

Duster's first known theft is from Osohe Castle, to the north of Tazmily Village. He is instructed from his father Wess that the he had hidden the item in the castle years ago, and that it could change the fate of the world, for better or worse. Duster is told to sneak into the castle and take this item using his thief skills and weapons such as the Wall Staple and Smoke Bomb. He must fight his way through the ghosts and insects which inhabit the castle, but will also run into friendly ghosts which will speak to him and trade items in exchange for rotten eclairs, a favorite food among the ghosts. Deep within the castle Duster sees a person for a brief second running through a doorway and dropping a pendant. (Later revealed to be Princess Kumatora). When Duster finds an item which he thinks is the treasure, he runs out of the castle and returns to his father. At first Wess seems happy with Duster, but then it is discovered it was an act, and Wess is furious that Duster picked up the wrong item. Wess now joins Duster and they return to the castle to retrieve the real item.

Outside the castle it is seen that the Pig Mask Army is infiltrating it to find the same item Wess and Duster are looking for. The two now have to fight through the army instead of ghosts this time to reach the item, meeting Princess Kumatora, the person Duster earlier saw, caught in a trap. Wess and Kumatora know each other from years before, and Wess is able to free her and she joins the party. The three then venture further into the castle and finally find the item they were searching for, the Hummingbird Egg. They then fall through the floor from a trap that Kumatora triggered. The group lands in a room of water littered with skulls and, after fighting a Water Snake called Oh-So-Snake, they are flushed out into the river.

Wess and Kumatora are discovered on the bank of the river by Fuel, Lighter's sun. It then discovered that Duster and the Egg are missing, it is unknown where they went for three years. Three years later, Kumatora discovers that Duster has lost his memories and is acting as the member of a band. With the help of Lucas, Duster regains his memories and assists him and Kumatora on their quest.

Special moves

Duster's primary weapon is his pair of shoes, new shoes can be bought or found throughout the game to increase his damage.

Duster's also uses special moves which are mostly status altering attacks, in order to get new thief skills you'll have to find thieving tools spread across the world.

Thief Skills

  • Wall Staple: Duster throws "wall staples" at the enemy immobilizing it.
  • Siren Beetle: A Beetle that makes a shrill noise, causes an enemy to stop and cover its ears.
  • Hypno-Pendulum: Sway it in front of your enemy to lull it into deep sleep.
  • Smoke Bomb: Explodes into an acrid smoke, bringing an enemy in tears.
  • Scary Mask: Scares an enemy, lowering its offense.
  • Tickle stick: Tickles an enemy, lowering its defense.

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