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    Dwayne Forge

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    Dwayne Forge is the original leader of the North Holland Hustlers and has recently been released from prison after serving a 15 year sentence.

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    Dwayne Forge
    Dwayne Forge

    Dwayne Forge is a recently released African-American gangster. He originally ran the biggest cocaine empire Liberty City, until his incarceration in 1993. At one point, when hanging out with Niko Bellic, Dwayne claims that he once needed to rent out entire apartments to store the millions of dollars he had acquired. The LCPD police database shows that Dwayne was jailed for possession with intent to distribute.

    Since his incarceration, the world Dwayne had originally known is completely altered. Gone are the days of million dollar parties, champagne, and dining with Liberty City's finest. His empire has been taken by his former protégé, Playboy X, who now has no interest in listening to Dwayne (or sharing with him any power). Dwayne's girlfriend has also left him, and the Triangle Club, that Dwayne used to own, has been taken over by rival Latino gangsters. To soften the tension between the two, Playboy asks Niko to befriend Dwayne and to help him transition to the "new world", in return for compensation.

    Through his friendship, Niko helps Dwayne piece together again his former life, mainly by killing old rivals and reclaiming old territory, primarily the Triangle Club. Unfortunately though, it comes to a point where Niko's helping of Dwayne interferes with Playboy's business, and the two task Niko to kill each other.


    If the player decides to kill Dwayne, Playbox X pays Niko a large sum of money, but asks to never see Niko again, as he's killed his mentor and father figure. If the player decides to kill Playboy X instead, the player gains Playboy's old penthouse as a new safehouse, Claude Speed's clothing from Grand Theft Auto III, and Dwayne as one of your friends.

    Friendship Tips

    Here are some helpful tips to improve your relationship status with Dwayne:

    • Dwayne will pick up his phone between 11:00 AM and 3:00 AM.
    • Dwayne prefers to eat at Cluckin' Bell or any fancy restaurant.
    • Dwaynes prefers drinking at Club Liberty in Northwood.

    Friendship Benefits

    When your friendship status with Dwayne is greater than or equal to 60%, Dwayne will give you the "Backup" ability, allowing you to call for two armed thugs to protect you for a long duration.

    Memorable Quotes

    • "Yeah. Especially when the present's turned into an asshole."
    • "Fucking bitch...nobody wants to roll with me no more. It's like I'm tainted."
    • "Now motherfucker's fucking my girl?"
    • "For real? Shit is fucked up, man."
    • "Sometimes I just wanna' end this shit. Just...bam. But I ain't there yet. Not quite."
    • "I been stabbed in the back too many fucking times."


    • Though he is a fictional character, many players pity Dwayne and most can not bring themselves to kill him.
    • Dwayne originally ran a gang called the North Holland Hustlers, though this name is heard rarely throughout the game.


    • Ruff Rider
    • Undress to Kill

    Niko confronting Dwayne's old girlfriend.
    Niko confronting Dwayne's old girlfriend.

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