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Dxun is a large forest moon of the planet Onderon. It is covered in dense jungles, and populated by many fierce natural predators that will not hesitate to attack humans. The moon of Dxun is where the tomb of Sith Lord Freedon Nadd was located, hidden away deep in the jungle, making the moon especially interesting to aspiring Sith; or the ones that knew the location of the tomb, anyways. Dxun was also the staging base of the Mandalorian army during the Mandalorian Wars, and the scene of a vicious battle when the Republic arrived to take it back. Corpses and weapons still remain from that massive conflict, as well as Mandalorian structures the Republic never bothered to demolish, resources that the Mandalorians under Canderous Ordo were quick to seize when they returned to the moon once more, following the Jedi Civil War. Canderous and his men set up camp here, intending to restore the Mandalorians to their former glory. It is unknown how long this rebuilt Mandalorian order survived on Dxun, although their Mandalore left with the Jedi Exile when she arrived, the group on Dxun remained, attempting to rebuild their order.

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