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    Dynamite Cop!

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Oct 31, 1999

    A 1-2 player co-op game that let's you fight and shoot your way to save the president's daughter from a band of modern pirates.

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    Dynamite Cop Review

    Wacky, Wild, and Weird

    With a tag-line like this, who wouldn't be interested?
    With a tag-line like this, who wouldn't be interested?

    Those three words right there are what describe this game to me. I had absolutely NO idea what I was getting myself into when I pulled this game off the shelf and popped it into my Dreamcast. Right on the front cover this game had me curious with the tag line "It's tuna-slinging, hairspray-aiming killer commandos to the rescue".

    Normalcy is an illusion

    Yes, this is an enemy in the game
    Yes, this is an enemy in the game

    So the game starts off like a pretty normal beat 'em up. You fight some pirates, maybe get some power ups, and move along a ship. Of course right after the first area you drop down into some kind of disco bar where the enemies are already looking much stranger. Despite some crazy enemies and situations, the weapons are perhaps the most crazy thing of all. Weapons range from regular guns to lamps, fake heads on poles, chairs, fish, loaves of bread, pepper shakers and many more.


    Now the actual gameplay aspect of this game is pretty good. The controls generally seem responsive and the action is fast paced enough to keep one interested in what would otherwise be repetitive.

    Shooting an Enemy
    Shooting an Enemy

    There is the option for both hand to hand combat and weapon combat. The hand to hand combat is pretty button-mashy (a technical term), but there are some combos and throws to speak of. Then there are the melee weapons, which are found a-plenty throughout the game. Melee weapons were generally the weapon of choice for me through the game as they seemed to be more effective. Then there are the guns. The guns in this game range from normal pistols, to machine guns, harpoon guns, and even missile launchers that blow up like mini nukes. The guns seem to run out of ammo very fast, and after they are out of ammo will be thrown at the enemies.

    There are also quick time events in between levels. These are really simple and are only one button press. I never had any issues with these, and they were relatively harmless.

    The game seemed to be very short, as I beat it in around 20 minutes or so. However I was having quite a bit of fun throughout. The stages are varied enough to keep the game interesting.

    My overall opinion is that this is a fun, but short beat 'em up that has some crazy stuff going on. I would suggest that people play this game if it could be found for a good price and give it a go.

    Brother from Another Mother

    Throughout this entire game I kept getting this nagging feeling that this game was somewhat familiar, but could not figure out why. Well then the GiantBomb wiki came to my rescue as the next day I went researching it and found out this is actually the sequel to Die Hard Arcade!

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