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    Dynamix, Inc.

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    A subsidiary of Sierra On-line, Dynamix began with futuristic tank simulations and diversified into a range of PC games in the late-20th century.

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    Dynamix was a subsidiary of Sierra On-line, which developed games which were outside of what was expected from Sierra at the time. For instance, its point and click adventure games differed from Sierra's, often having a grittier, more adult-oriented style with arcade sequences mixed in, as well as innovative if sometimes not fully realized changes to expected formulae, such as branching plots and calendar-based puzzles.

    Damon Slye and co. created Arctic Fox, the RPG Betrayal at Krondor, and Starsiege, and were often second-party developers for other existing franchises, including Space Quest V, a continuation of Sierra's famous adventure series.

    Dynamix also developed action and simulation games, including a World War I flight simulator, Red Baron, which had extensive historical documentation packed in with it, and a Battlezone or Arctic Fox-like ground combat game Stellar 7, which spawned a sequel, Nova 9.


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