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The gameplay is quite simple to follow. All you have do to attack is press square. Triangle for special attack. Its that easy. Woo. Okay well anyway, you have complete control over the camera/angle, that's a plus, and you can kill people with arrows too. If you press down your analog stick, you can taunt people. (awesomeness.) Okay well anyway, the graphics are pretty awesome, and one other cool thing is, the more you power up your character, you earn new outfits for them. Yeah, it's radical.There are multiple different outfits to choose from for your character.

Free Mode
You can do whatever you want in this mode. You can pick any place you want to go to for battle, and you can pick any character that you want to.

Survival Mode
Kill as many soldiers as you can before you die yourself.

Xiahous Yuan and Dun.
Xiahous Yuan and Dun.
Bridge Melee
Knock off as many enemies as you can before you die, or get knocked off yourself.

Time Attack
Kill as many as fast as you can before you get killed.

Musou Mode
This mode is just like story mode. You basically pick any character you want and go through a series of battles, with cutscenes in between most of them. What is musou? Musou is the power build up basically. There is a yellow bar under your life/HP bar and that is the musou you currently have. It gets filled up whenever you hit someone, and it fills up faster when your going against a large group of people, and you hit them altogether. It's cool. Once it fills up, you can unleash all that power, and immediately become awesome. How do you release it? Press the O button and hold it down for longer musou time.

Versus Mode
Pretty self explanatory, kill your friend that's playing with you. :D

Items/ Weapons/Food
Items and weapons can be found in boxes, and food can be found in pots. Whenever yuou break a box you may get some armor, or this huge axe. The armor allows 2 times your defense for about thirty seconds, the axe allows 2 times your attack. Food can be onions, or chicken and what not, each item only heals a specific amount of HP. Weapons can be equipped during the beginning of the battle only. Certain weapons can allow longer combos.

Cool Stuff.
You can create your own character in this game, it's pretty cool. You can pick whatever weapon you want for that character, and choose whatever kind of battle gear you want your person to wear. You name your character as well. And you can only play the character in free mode, but not in musou mode.


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