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3.33 stars 3.33/5 Stars Average score of 3 user reviews spread across 8 releases and 4 DLC

Great for Gundam fans 0

The Dynasty warriors Gundam franchise is back again for a 3rd time and this time its better than ever, With a massive number of new Mobile suits and characters as well as a new storyline which involves all characters fro all series as well as the mission mode this game is better than ever before. The game has added new series to the game like Gundam 00, Gundam Unicorn and one of my personal Favourites 0083 Stardust Memory. Anyway onto the review.Gameplay- Well as I have mentioned before this gam...

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Gundam 3 just not up to par. 0

The Dynasty Warriors series has always been just a mindless button mashing game that I have managed to find a kind of senseless joy out of. There was nothing like being one soldier amongst thousands on a battlefield just hacking your way to the final general to end the mission. It's senseless fun at its best. When they incorporated the Gundam franchise into the series it seemed like a match made in heaven. The first two Dynasty Warriors Gundam games were everything I would ever want in a Gundam...

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You Already Know If You Want to Play This Game 0

The Dynasty Warriors franchise has been labelled as a button mashing extravaganza by gamers at large for years. After roughly half a dozen iterations, pseudo-rereleases with new content, two Gundam spinoffs, and a version involving Fist of the North Star, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 conceptually has a difficult task ahead of itself- convincing you that it's not a simple button masher. The Dynasty Warriors formula has always gone something like this- you're a powerful dude. Kill tons of ...

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