Can I run DW6?

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First of all, ty all for answering my other topics.

Now, I really wonder if I can run Dynasty Warriors 6 on my low-end PC, settings won't matter. I've heard it has a bad-port and might not work on all PCs, even though the system requirements seem kind of low.

Windows XP SP3

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 processor 3200+ ~2,0GHZ


Nvidia Geforce 6100 with 256 VRAM

Anything else you need, tell me ;D

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You can probably run it but it's one of the worst PC port jobs I've ever seen. Some users have an issue where it automatically hits enter rapid fire and you can't really do anything because of it. Others have CTD issues. Everyone has terrible draw distance and units vanishing and popping in because the game is made for consoles and the devs made it to run on PS2 or something, on top of that your Xbox 360 controller will likely not allow you to rebind the right joystick to the camera and by default won't even let you control the camera with gamepad.

And they never did patch it. They just released the game in a horribly broken state, took customers money, and never fixed a god damn thing.

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I was going to reply to this thread about how the OP has a video card from 2005 and probably couldn't run the game... but the thread was necro'd from almost two years ago.

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#4 Posted by Juzie (190 posts) -

I doubt you will ever see this message, but in case you do. Get DW 5 instead, it's better and would run on that PC you probably don't own anymore.

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