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Dynowarz: Destruction of Spondylus was released on the NES  sometime in 1989 or 1990. Released in the United States by Bandai America.


Something was terribly wrong in the distant man-made Spondylus Solar System. One by one the planets' central life support computers had been infected with a life threatening virus while the planet surfaces had been overrun with giant computerized dinosaurs known as Robosaurs. Under attack in his laboratory on Alpha Planet, Professor Proteus, the mastermind of the Spondylus Solar System and founder of the Robosaur project suddenly realized that this deadly sabotage could only be the work of his former partner, the deranged Dr. Brainius. Years earlier, the doctor had fled Alpha Planet after Professor Proteus had exposed him for performing forbidden robotic experiments on human subjects. At last, he had returned to seek his revenge using the Professor's own creations! But little did he realize that Proteus had been hard at work for the past few years perfecting the ultimate Robosaur, Cyborasaurus.

There was only one hope to save the Spondylus System. Cyborasaurus must be unleashed! The DYNOWARZ must begin!

Game Play

The game is side-scrolling action/platformer where you switch between controlling Professor Proteus directly and the Cyborasaurus. When controlling Cyborasaurus you begin with only the ability to punch your enemies, but eventually power ups will drop giving you the ability to launch your fist, shoot fire balls, laser beams or throw bombs. If you can pick up more than one of these power ups in a row, they will be upgraded. You also have your Satellite Defense System which when activated destroys all enemies on screen.

Once you reach the end of a stage as Cyborasaurus, Professor Proteus will jump out and enter the planet's Artificial Intelligence Compound, searching for a life support computer which he must destroy. The life support computers all share an uncanny resemblance to Mother Brain from the Metroid series. After destroying the computer you must backtrack to the beginning of the level, hop back in to cyborasaurus and launch to the next planet.

The game is comprised of seven levels and at the completion of each you are given a password to restart from if you quit/lose.

~Story info taken from Manual~

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