Is there a video stream from Nintendo's Wii U Showcase?

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I don't know if I just can't find it or if it actually doesn't exist (is that possible?), but I'm looking for a stream of Nintendo's entire Tuesday software showcase presentation. All I can find are bits and pieces of it. The trailers are all online, but I don't care about those. I'm here for intimidating Reggie and Charles Martinet's stream of consciousness Mario.

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So...I guess not? There are clearly cameras recording in the footage of it that I've found, and there have been enough clips put up of Reggie saying "PLAY THE GAME". Nintendo doesn't have any video up outside of a minute and a half long recap, and Gamespot doesn't mention it at all in their E3 schedule. I'm not interested in this for anything other than my own hunger for schadenfreude and to confirm for myself that maybe it's time for Charles Martinet to hang up the red hat, but Jesus. I mean, the developers were introducing their games in person! Miyamoto was there! This strikes me as completely insane that this presentation isn't available to watch.

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They didn't do a press conference, so I'm not sure they did in fact choose to stream everything as one mass. I suggest be patient, some site must be working on editing what they recorded live at the show, assuming they are allowed to broadcast it; and it is possible that Nintendo slapped a limit on it. Everything coming out of Nintendo should show up on their Facebook and Youtube.

Also, shocking I know, but sometimes you have to be there to see things. ;p These attitudes aren't changing overnight.

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