Leaked Sony Runsheet (Major spoilers for E3 2018. Beware!)

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What appears to be a runsheet for the Sony press conference is out there. Scroll down for details.




















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#2 Posted by ATastySlurpee (665 posts) -

Man if thats true, I'd be pretty bummed were not getting any sort of mention about Rocksteadys new (Superman) game

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#3 Posted by Solh0und (2170 posts) -
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Glad to see a demo of Ghost of Tsushima. Surprised they are showing anything on FF7 remake.

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#5 Posted by DanishingAct (414 posts) -

The ender is pretty interesting. I wonder who'd be doing that?

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Weird that Sony would spell the names of their own game wrong. Ghost of Tsushima is the correct title but give this fake leak some credit, at least they spelled Bloodborne correctly and not Bloodbourne like I've been seeing for the past several years. Also interesting how their isn't any consistency with the numbering of sequels, The Last of Us Part II is spelled correct (minus the "the") but Final Fantasy VII Remake doesn't use the roman numeral VII like every other numbered game in the series.

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oof. this looks solid to me!

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I bet this is totally fake. I am betting that The Avengers game is showing up on the stage right after Spider-Man, whenever it shows.

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#9 Posted by mavs (382 posts) -

That would be the heaviest set of demos yet. 2 games I wouldn't have expected anything from.

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#10 Posted by MattGiersoni (587 posts) -

Seems fake, Shawn Layden is usually presenting, but maybe Kodera will show up. Also Bloodborne 2 is doubtful, From is already making Shadows Die Twice which is multiplatform and similar to soulsborne, but maybe BB2 is just gonna be a short teaser and 2020 release. I call fake, but I'd like to be wrong.

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#11 Posted by Evilsbane (5618 posts) -

Death Stranding Demo?! Oh My.

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#12 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2935 posts) -

A new Socom.....yes please.

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#13 Posted by deactivated-5ba16609964d9 (3361 posts) -

seems fake but what do I know?

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#14 Posted by Rahf (494 posts) -
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#15 Posted by TheHT (15839 posts) -

Bloodborne 2?!!?!

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Hope this is fake. A Bloodborne 2 would bum me out. Bloodborne 1 was such a near-perfect and complete package that I think a sequel could only be worse. The first game also didn't leave any huge gaps in the lore that need filling. It would probably just be in the same vein as Dark Souls 2 and 3 where THE CYCLE CONTINUES! Dun dun daahhh!

Also, you're telling me FromSoft is making Sekiro, maybe doing something for a Metal Wolf Chaos remaster, supposedly working on Armored Core 6 (aka the actual FromSoft game I want to see), and ALSO working on Bloodborne 2? I'm calling BS. I don't think they're that big.

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#17 Posted by Quarters (2658 posts) -

Seems fake to me.

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#18 Posted by CupOfDoom (95 posts) -

@mobiusfun: I don't think they are doing Metal Wolf. Their name is only there because they did the original. Another developer is doing all of the work. Also, I doubt they making Bloodborne 2

This list seems fake as Call of Duty is almost certainly at the conference.

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I don't think Square makes the same mistake by giving the other game people are waiting for the most to another platform holder. They already made themselves look like idiots letting Microsoft have KHIII on stage.

Edit: Also it being a "Demo", like, if the word on the street is true that game is already back to square one, what could they possibly demo with little to zero work to show.

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Everything about that seems so fake. The game list seems unlikely but has some known games thrown in, and the entire formatting of the sheet seems like something a fan would come up with. What information is it even conveying to anyone? Like, it has no reason to exist other than as what a fanboy imagines a press conference spoiler list rundown to look like.

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#21 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2935 posts) -

So.....seems like this was legit so far?

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#22 Posted by WheresDerrick (326 posts) -

Boy am I glad this wasn't real. The next Bioshock game being a VR game? Ewww

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#23 Posted by Casepb (674 posts) -

@wheresderrick said:

Boy am I glad this wasn't real. The next Bioshock game being a VR game? Ewww

It simply says a "mode" not that the game is a VR game.

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#24 Posted by atomicoldman (831 posts) -

So.....seems like this was legit so far?

No, not even remotely.

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#25 Posted by BoOzak (2573 posts) -

I'm glad I didnt look at this prior to watching the Sony press conference. I'm one of those idiots who still holds out hope for Shenmue 3 and wants to see more of it.

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