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#51 Edited by isomeri (3120 posts) -

It was pretty late when the conference was on and I was very tired so my overall impression of the thing is a bit hazy.

They certainly had a big amount of games with some nice reveals in there. To be honest the most exciting tangible seeming thing they showed was that Gears tactics game, which is apparently a PC exclusive. I mean Cyberpunk and Halo and all that looked cool, but it's hard for me to get excited for something that's still so far ahead in the future.

This still didn't fix their game lineup for 2018, but the announced business moves and upcoming Halo and Gears games along with the hardware tease certainly make it seem like Microsoft are lining up some big shots for 2019-2020.

I would have liked to hear some more tangible bonuses coming to Game Pass and some simple hardware announcements, like an updated Elite controller or a small camera (Kinect) or something. And what about backwards compatibility? It would have been cool if they'd announced some more solid games on that front too.

EDIT: Also what was the deal with all those Xboxes on stage? I was fully waiting for some battle royale game to be announced and be played on stage, but then no? Maybe even Battlefield or something like that. Was something major pulled from the show last minute?

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#52 Edited by soulcake (2753 posts) -

The Best thing about this it's all coming to Pc :D. No Microsoft did a pretty goodjob i don't think Playstation can't do any better. And there doing a pretty good job filling up that Don Matrick sized hole they made.

Also what if Cyberpunk Controls like the Witcher :D. I can feel all the hate already :D. Witcher controlles where fine btw ( you guys just don't know how humans move )

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#53 Posted by Zirilius (1700 posts) -

I hate their "exclusive" terminology. I know all companies use that but when you are calling mutliplatform games that launch on your system exclusive that's a bit misleading. Overall I thought the conference was fine but they didn't show anything to get me excited enough to start up my Xbox Live Subscription again. Gears 5 was the ONLY thing I gave two shits about this conference and that was almost completely ruined by the Gears POP reveal.

I actually thought that Halo Infinite was going to be a Halo Royale game they were going to play on stage and honestly thought that was how they were going to finish the show.

I love CD Projekt Red but Cyberpunk still hasn't shown me anything to get pumped about it yet. Like I need some tangible gameplay footage to honestly know if that game is for me. I loved the Witcher but I didn't like the direction Witcher 3 took compared to 2.

Also show me some more Gears tactics as I think that is moderately interesting to me.

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#54 Edited by Stephen_Von_Cloud (1668 posts) -

Absolutely love Cyberpunk 2077 because it's honest to god Cyberpunk of an 80's vein more instead of the continued modernized versions others have gone on to do which really lose the charm, style, and 80's futurism of the genre at it's start that made it so great to begin with. Since then we get awful piss and black Victorian cyberpunk takes from the Deus Ex prequels and crap like that. It looks like a game I've dreamed of since I read Neuormancer. Give me New Wave style aesthetics and more wires. Love CD Projekt.

Seems like they are in a good spot in the future with the studios they are buying, building, and getting closer to putting out games. Games pass will continue to be more compelling sounding as they keep putting these games out as well.

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#55 Posted by PDXSonic (564 posts) -

@isomeri: I believe the Xboxes on stage were likely for pre/after show demo's. Only the ones used for the Forza demo had any seating.

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#56 Posted by isomeri (3120 posts) -

@pdxsonic said:

@isomeri: I believe the Xboxes on stage were likely for pre/after show demo's. Only the ones used for the Forza demo had any seating.

Oh that does make sense. Still a bit weird having them all on the stage like that.

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#57 Posted by burncoat (558 posts) -

I just realized they never talked about the accessibility controller at all. They only showed that a Forza guy was playing with it. Kinda disappointed they didn't take advantage of their big conference to talk about it even a little bit.

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#58 Posted by jaycrockett (857 posts) -

So what's coming to Xbox this year? Besides Forza Horizon?

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#59 Posted by DharmaBum (1747 posts) -

Cyberpunk is everything I could have hoped for. I was also really impressed with the Gears 5 trailer. Forza looks beautiful as always.

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#60 Posted by Mattson (11 posts) -

I have never been more ambivalent towards a gaming company than I have with the state of Microsoft right now. I can't even imagine what it would take to get me interested in them.

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