GB vs E3: The Official Player's Guide (w/Foldout Conference Time Zone Poster!)

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Formerly known as our "E3 & You!" info dump, this is now the Giant Bomb vs The Electronic Three Official Player's Guide. For a quarter of a century now, E3 has been the biggest trade show for the video game industry. We're gonna see a slew of new trailers, demos, announcements, interviews, and live streams over the next week.

So, here's all the information you need to survive a week-long marathon of live chat, the tidal wave of new forum threads, and an onslaught of wiki submissions for new games!

Press Conferences

The Electronic Three is once again starting early this year. While E3 2019 is officially Tuesday through Thursday, the press conferences media briefings showcases start with Xbox on Sunday. But, Electronic Arts is still doing...stuff...on Saturday.

**Not all of these will be
**Not all of these will be "talked over" by Giant Bomb.**

From Saturday afternoon through Tuesday morning, you are going to see threads dedicated to each of the major publisher's presentations (EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Nintendo). These threads will be posted and stickied shortly before each press conference. They are the go-to place for any and all discussion for their respective press conferences before, during, and after the show is over. Let's try to keep it all in one place.

The Chat

Here are the details on when the Giant Bomb crew will be streaming live throughout the week. For either the conference commentary or the night shows, you'll want to be hanging out in GB Chat. If you click, the "Local Time" link should translate the time automatically to your local time.

Keep in mind that GB will typically go live about 30 minutes ahead of each conference.

Jeff's Solo Drive TimeSaturday, June 8?:?? AM PDT???
Xbox E3 BriefingSunday, June 91:00 PM PDTYour Local Time
The Bethesda E3 ShowcaseSunday, June 95:30 PM PDTYour Local Time
Ubisoft E3 Live at E3Monday, June 101:00 PM PDTYour Local Time
Square Enix Live: E3 2019Monday, June 106:00 PM PDTYour Local Time
Nintendo Direct: E3 2019Tuesday, June 119:00 AM PDTYour Local Time
GB @ Nite - Nite 1Tuesday, June 116:00 PM PDTYour Local Time
GB @ Nite - Nite 2Wednesday, June 126:00 PM PDTYour Local Time
GB @ Nite - Nite 3Thursday, June 136:00 PM PDTYour Local Time

The Forums

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We know you want to talk about all these glorious new games that are about to get announced. But, there's no sense in fifty duders creating a new thread to talk about that thing that Phil Spencer just announced 18 seconds ago. And, in case you didn't know, every game in the Giant Bomb database has a forum attached to it. Tidy organization is built right in! All you have to do is utilize it.

E3 is fast and furious, so we know there are going to be duplicates sometimes, but help us out by taking a few seconds to check first. The dupes that get through will soon be locked anyway.

The Wiki

Get in there and edit some stuff!
Get in there and edit some stuff!

But, what if there's no page for the game I want to talk about?!

Well, the answer is pretty simple. Go ahead and make a page for it. Before you do, though, make sure there's not already one created. We have a some hardcore wiki users that are going to be lightning quick on new stuff. Sometimes, when a new page is created, it takes a bit of time to show up in search. Here's a tip for you:


Even if someone submitted it three seconds ago, it's going to be there. So, use that instead of just checking the search bar. The mods will be monitoring the wiki queue like hawks trying to get the new stuff through as quickly as possible.

And That...

The 25th E3 is Giant Bomb's 12th!
The 25th E3 is Giant Bomb's 12th!

E3 is one of the most fun times of the year for anyone who loves games. It's fast. It's chaotic. It's sometimes ridiculous and/or hilarious. All of us here in the Giant Bomb community want to have a good time with all the news, announcements, trailers, and late-night podcasts. So, let's all do our part to keep things as organized as possible so everyone can find anything they're looking for during E3 2019.

Got questions? Feel free to post them here so that anyone else with the same/similar question can get helped at the same time.

Let's do this!

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#1 Posted by Rorie (5912 posts) -

Good work!

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#2 Posted by arcadefire (38 posts) -


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Great job as always!

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Will @ybbaaabby be making those awesome E3 Vlogs this year? Cause they're so much fun to watch!

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#5 Posted by jeremyf (416 posts) -

Tip Team!

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#6 Posted by alwaysbebombing (2717 posts) -

I'm excited for the Jeff drive

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#7 Posted by FalconArrow (8 posts) -

Awesome will not be able to watch any of the press conferences live but I booked of Thursday and Friday for GB night at E3.,,, are the archives of them talking owe usually uploaded the same day ?

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#8 Edited by Tr0n (768 posts) -

AMD conference is missing from picture above.

It's between Ubisoft and Kinda Funny.

Conference Time: Monday, June 10 – 18:00 ET, 15:00 PT, 23:00 BST.

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I'm excited for the Jeff drive

Me too but at the same time bummed out that no one is going with him.

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#11 Posted by MeierTheRed (5990 posts) -

@marino said:

@meierthered: Don't worry. Fieldy will be with him.

Thanks God. Never knew a guy who could dream like Fieldy.

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#12 Posted by bighatpaul (2 posts) -

The most wonderful time of the year.

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#13 Posted by chilo (58 posts) -

Do we get some Abby Vlog action this year too? I really really love those!

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This rules Marino. Thanks.

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Thank you for this! Been a GB creeper for a long time, and a recent premium member, but this is the first year I can follow and watch E3 coverage live with the Chat Family.

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As usual @marino is the real E3 MVP

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#18 Posted by planetary (457 posts) -

Uh, where's the Sony press conference?

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#19 Posted by Marino (7563 posts) -

Uh, where's the Sony press conference?

I assume you've been living under a rock for the last several months, but there isn't one.

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@marino The link to the Nintendo direct is incorrect, both the name and date refers to last year.

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@forcen: Thanks. I'll fix it. At least the time is correct for anyone not paying as close of attention as you. ;)

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#22 Posted by planetary (457 posts) -

Seriously -- no Sony press conference? What's the deal?

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