Can we find out who worked on Fight Night Champion?

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I would loooooove to spam hate mail to the guys that worked on Champion Mode in that game, as I'm sure many others would. Isaac Frost is ridiculously impossible, even on fuckin Amateur difficulty. He's too big and too fast to run away from, he always locks you in somewhere around the ring. And even though you're blocking, at least 50% of Frost's punches still get through so it's impossible to "protect the cut".

If you're an EA Canada developer reading this, tell the guys that made FN Champion Mode to go to hell for me. Thanks :)

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That will accomplish something.

Can they just make Fight Night Round 3 "Two" please? Ruined the series with totally unnecessary changes. They had the perfect base they just needed to flesh it out. I'm not someone who replays old games a lot but I replay that game all the damn time.

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