A bug?

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#1 Posted by Rorie (4228 posts) -

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Whenever the weekly heartrate test thing goes on (i.e. the footfires followed by walking to measure heart rate and return to normal), the game counts it as a full workout for some reason in terms of your goals and milestones and etc. 
Also, after it happened to me today, it went ahead and counted my weekly workout totals with only the heartrate monitoring stuff including. I.e. for an entire "week", I had only burned 22 calories. :| Maybe I just shouldn't schedule anything for Sundays?

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I can't say I've seen that bug in particular, but the game certainly isn't the most streamlined or glitch-free experience (at least on 360).  For example, when I unlocked the Trend Setter achievement for 5 scheduled workouts in a row, I know I had missed a scheduled workout the day prior.  Also, the Kinect camera loves to lose track of my body before an exercise, and when it finds me again, the menus take foreverrrrr to resume the workout (more of a design issue than a glitch).  Probably the worst offender is the "EA loading data" screen that takes a minimum of 1-2 minutes on my machine before the main menu starts. Just let me work out, please!
Regardless, I like the game and workouts enough to keep going, despite its faults. Plus, I love the idea of getting 1000 Achievement points for working out and getting in shape.

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#3 Posted by Cypher (107 posts) -

I've had both of Rorie's issues happenf ro me, as well. The Trend Setter achievement I got as well, especially considering I have my console set to GMT instead of EST time, so every time I work out after work, it's already in the next day. I've technically missed almost every workout, but after my fifth workout, it unlocked.
Realistically, the most objectionable bug I've encountered is that V-sits and a few other ground exercises simply don't work at all. It's not that surprising, given that it seems the Kinect posing software doesn't support those poses at all: I opened the Kinect Tuner and saw what it thought my pose was when I was in those positions, and it just goes crazy. Does anyone know if I can always just do those workouts manually, skip them, and have the game still say "Yeah, you burned X calories! Good job!" ?

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#4 Posted by nukkajdav (23 posts) -

I have no issues with the v-sits, but any kind of side-plank exercise just doesn't work. It's a real bummer. I wish there was the option to turn of Kinect detection on the workouts. It's very....spotty and simply watching the guy and keeping with his pace would be just fine.

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