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    EA Sports BIG

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    EA Sports BIG is an alternate publishing brand set around heavily arcade-style sports games.

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    EA Sports BIG is publishing brand established by Electronic Arts to help strengthen the release of arcade-style sports games. It was established in late 2000 with the release of SSX on the PS2 and was attached to many other sports titles, such as the rest of the SSX franchise and the Street-series of games. Most games in the series have come out of Vancouver-based studios and have all, generally, been received quite well. The last game to be released under the EA Sports BIG moniker was SSX Blur, a Wii exclusive game in the SSX series. It was released to a mixed reception, most notably for it's poor Wiimote-based controls. 

    EA Sports BIG has since not announced a new title, despite a new SSX game being announced for development. SSX Deadly Descents (later renamed to SSX: Working Title) is in development by the same developers as past SSX games, yet will be published under the EA Sports line. 


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