EA announced Madden and Fifa will be on WiiU this year

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EA just announced that they will be putting their annual franchises on the WiiU this year.

But why didn't they announce it during their or Nintendo's press conference? It would have at least made them not seem hippocritical from last year when they said they were completely supporting the system. It just seems odd they would say it half-way through E3 out of nowhere.

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Sony better step it up. With Smart Glass and the Wii U Tablet, this might be the way to play games in the future with managing features. Calling plays, subs, formations, team tendencies, inventory, maps, just so many ways to clean up the big screen, it sounds really cool. It is definitely better than voice activation.

Hey, E3 needs to stay interesting the whole show, not just front loading all announcements.

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@TheHBK: I totally get how it should stay relevant all week with announcements throughout - but this just seemed like a badly thought out one because they single handedly held back an entire genre for the WiiU console and at the same time made EA seem absent from the WiiU this year (they could have at least included it in the montage video for WiiU.

Its not a big deal, but it is an odd thing to hold back (especially since it was an expected news and chatter was created of people wondering why it wasn't there).

As for Sony - I just don't think they are focusing on EA or sports games right now, but they definitely should have taled about more sports games and connectivity between the Vita and the PS3.

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