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    The mechanic in Dead Island. He is the father of Jin.

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    Earl is first seen in the early part of the game when John Sinamoi sends the crew to get the truck reinforced. Earl, being the mechanic of Banoi, agrees to do the additions on the truck. Soon after this Earl reveals that he has been bitten by an infected zombie and that he will eventually turn into one of them. His last wish while alive is to have the protagonists take away his daughter Jin, because he wants her final memory of him to be as the father who loves her dearly, not as a shambling undead monster.

    Unfortunately, Earl's dying wish was not to be. Near the end of the game Jin, Mowen, and the pro tag oni sts return to the garage to get supplies for their trip to the prison. After the supplies have been gathered, Jin tells the group she has one last thing to do before they leave. The next sequence reveals a cutscene of Jin killing her zombified father.


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