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Earth 2150: The Moon Project is a sequel to Earth 2150. Earth 2150: The Moon Project is a single player strategy game released in 2000 on the PC for windows, developed by Topware Interactive and published by 1C Company. Earth 2150: The Moon Project is a standalone game but many consider it an expansion pack.


The United Civilized States, Eurasian Dynasty, and the Lunar Corporation are entangled in earth’s final war, they are in a war over earth’s final resources and their aim is to obtain these resources before the earth is destroyed. While the battle on earth is being played out the Lunar Corporation find an alien tunnel that contains plans to create a super weapon, named (sunlight). As this is going on United Civilized deploys an army to the moon to stop this.


Earth 2150: The Moon Project, controls the same as the first Earth 2150, you use the mouse and keyboard to control your army’s. The difference for this game at its release time was its full 3D viewing option. When it comes to your units you are able to gain experience and increase the attack power and health for that individual unit.


United Civilized States: This nation relies heavily on machinery and robotics, as well as being ruled by AI. This nation has machinery doing all tasks and the military is solely machinery that is controlled by themselves. USC has been waging war with Eurasian for a long time, the main weapons of the USC is Plasma Cannons and Heavy Plasma Cannons.

Eurasion Dynasty: ED consists both of Asian and European nations. They are the most primitive faction while still using 21 century military vehicles. The ED has some advanced weaponry such as Laser Cannons and Ion Canons. 

Lunar Corporation: LC are a group of Lunar colonists that have lived alone and peaceful on the moon since 2084. Technology used by the LC are much more advanced than the other 2 factions, there main military weaponry is the hovercraft as well as Electro-cannon which is capable of emitting an electrical pulse to destroy the enemy. The sonic cannon works by emitting a radial affect that damages all units in a certain distance.


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