This game is my now I need a Vita game.

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Holy crap its gonna be awesome!

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hell yeah it is. also the voice acting:

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Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat is this game?

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#4 Posted by HaltIamReptar (2038 posts) -

@AjayRaz: Why is he playing multiplayer if it's just him?

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#5 Posted by BlackLagoon (1925 posts) -

@TooWalrus said:

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat is this game?

There are giant bugs/robots. You shoot at them. Stuff blows up.

Well, ok, it's an enhanced port of Earth Defense Force 2017 for the 360 (shown in the video). Known for prioritizing tons of enemies, umpteen different weapons, and large scale chaos over things like "frame rate" and "polished animation". Basically the equivalent of a B-Move style game. The Vita release adds more missions, online co-op, and a second playable unit - the Pale Wing (lady with jetpack and energy weapons, so that's like 2x umpteen weapons now).

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