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    Earth Defense Force 2025

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jul 04, 2013

    The fourth mainline game in the Earth Defense Force series.

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    The game is a direct sequel to Earth Defense Force 2017, and a retelling of the story in Global Defence Force. Set in 2025, humans have been using Ravager technology to rebuild society after driving off the alien invasion. Unbeknownst to them, the Ravagers burrowed deep underground after their loss to swell their numbers and are ready for another assault.

    The game is being developed by Sandlot once again and will feature full online support. In addition to the standard EDF trooper (now classified as the Ranger), the game will feature three new playable units - a jetpack equipped, energy weapon wielding female soldier called the Wing Diver, similar to the Pale Wings in the earlier games, a support class named the Air Raider, armed with turrets, healing stations, and the ability to call in air strikes, and a heavily armored Fencer class, focused on close combat and heavy weapons.


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