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That's how you can always tell the world ended.
That's how you can always tell the world ended.

The game's background story starts off as Earth is about to be destroyed. Mankind loads spaceships with refugees and cultural artifacts. These ships crash on a planet somewhere. The ships' computers attempt to recreate the planet in the image of Earth, but due to bugs, they end up creating strange monsters.

The game begins 1,000 years after the crash landing. You'll have to team up with the planet's native residents, known as Guardians, to combat the monsters created by your ship. The Guardians aren't too fond of you because of what your ship did to their planet, but they're willing to work with you in exchange for booze.


The battle system for facing off against these beasts is known as the "Time Stop Battle" system. It combines real time and command based elements. As you move about the battle field, you'll be able to lock on to enemies. The camera will then set itself to keep the enemy in your sites. You can press A to pause the action and select commands from a command menu. Commands shown in the screenshots include such things as "Blade Rush," "Air Strike," and elemental attacks like "Flame," "Ice," and "Thunder."

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To perform actions, you need "Action Cartridges," shown as a meter at the bottom of the screen. These are added to your stock with time and via items. You can execute commands as long as you have remaining cartridges. When selecting an action, you can also choose to perform four power levels for the action. Higher power levels require additional cartridges.

Odekake! Earth Seeker

Odekake! Earth Seeker is a companion game on DSiWare that came out simultaneously with the main Wii title. It lets players play six mini-games where they mark maps, prepare food among other things to gain items. These items then can be transferred to Earth Seeker on the Wii.

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