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Hello. I was rather inspired by Project Rainfall about this, and I had thought perhaps we could do something similar to attempt to persuade Nintendo of America to re-release Mother 2/Earthbound, Mother 1/Earth Bound/EarthBound 0, and Mother 3/Earthbound 2 for the Virtual Console. I'll call it Operation Starmen ^^

If you'd like to participate, please email Nintendo under corporate questions: other, with this message, whether it be paraphrased, cut 'n' pasted, or a completely new paragraph under the same lines:

"Hello, I had a request for three Virtual Console games you could re-release. The games are EarthBound (Mother 2), Mother 1 (Possibly named EarthBound 0 for the Virtual Console), and Mother 3 (Possibly named EarthBound 2 for Virtual Console). I would certainly appreciate it and so would many others."

Email them here:

It also would be good to send physical letters as well, but do to the price of stamps, envelopes, and paper, I couldn't ask you to do that, but if you have extra money you want to go towards this, by all means send the aforementioned paragraph to Nintendo headquarters. The address is Nintendo US Corporation

P.O. Box 97033. Redmond, WA 98073.

If you have a little extra time in the day, and are a people person, you could also assist us by calling Nintendo at 1-800-255-3700. Speak to a Nintendo Representative and request the game.

If you don't mind putting your name onto the Internets, sign a petition here: and send it along with the email.

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It will never happen. The licensing issues were too much, otherwise they'd have already released them.

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Or you could just acquire those games in other, much easier ways? I did and, honestly, I don't see the big deal.

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Sent the e-mail. Loved the games and it really isn't that much of an effort to participate, honestly.

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Whatever issue is preventing Mother 3 from being released, they really need to fix it. 3DS eShop is the perfect place for that game; I would really love to have a legit copy of that game.

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Love it!! but its already been done but needless to say I will support a good cause

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