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The Best Game Ever Created. Ever. 2

I'm going to assume you're reading this review simply because you have played the game, loved it, and want to hear other people gushing about it because you have no one else to talk to about how great it is.  Your family doesn't understand what made you spend the last 80 hours holed up in your basement, but that's not important.  You just finished the greatest game ever made.  Ever.If by some cruel twist of fate you have not had the opportunity to play this game, you owe it to yourself and to th...

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Retro Review: Earthbound 0

                                                                  Hippies? Check. Weapons and psychic powers with which to beat them? Double check. In the heyday of the Super Nintendo, there were many games that surfaced with the status of a “triple A” title. While there was still a lot of shovel-ware on Nintendo’s second try at a true system it was not to the extent that we have now with the Wii and had with the Gamecube. This also meant, with so many great g...

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One of the most crazy, unique RPG's you'll ever play! 1

Earthbound surprised many people with its real-time setting back when it was released. Even today, when people want a break from all of the medieval-themed RPGs, Earthbound is a great breath of fresh air. Earthbound takes place in the 90's and stars a young boy named Ness who embarks on a quest to save the world. On his adventure, he makes new friends, battles with a variety of wacky enemies, and informative characters. New twists and turns are found around every corner just waiting to surprise ...

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A compelling, hysterical game from star to finish. 0

Earthbound, released in 1995 to the Super NES, is arguably one of the more inventive RPGs to date. Rather than a fantasy epic, involving Princesses and dragons, Earthbound is set in a more modernized world with skyscrapers, telephones, and ATM machines abroad. Set in the year 199x in the world of Eagleland, your character, Ness, awakens one morning to the crash of a meteorite. Upon investigation, Ness discovers that the meteorite actually contains a bug sent from the bleak near-future. Accordin...

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Pure Gold plated Gold 0

This game is quite possibly one of the greatest rpgs ever. It takes everything and just sets the bar even higher. It mixed kickass attacks with childish graphics and characters to create a unique and unforgettable experience. You start out as Ness(Protagonist) in the little town of Onett and you travel from town to town(which are numerically ordered i.e. "one"tt, "two"son,  "three"d, "four"side) meeting new people and discovering new powers.Graphics 10/10-Classic snes rpg look. It has its unique...

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A Humorous and Original Masterpiece 0

Ah, Earthbound, I have many fond memories of this game. Back when it was new my sister rented it from the local video store, mainly because she's a little strange and the game came in a huge box due to the pack-in strategy guide. At the time I wasn't into RPGs, and this Earthbound thing looked ridiculous: throughout the strategy guide (it never had a proper manual) were clay sculptures of enemies and main characters, and you used slingshots and baseball bats as weapons. I thought "what the hell ...

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One of the SNES' best. Why Won't Mother 3 Come to the States? 0

Originally posted on my blogThe brilliance of EarthBound lies not in its genre, but more in the originality and character that it brings to an already tired formula. How many sword and sorcery-themed RPGs does the video game market really need? (Answer: Don’t be stupid, sword and sorcery-themed RPGs rock!) Still, it’s refreshing to see an RPG take place in a modern setting like the country of Eagleland (a not-so-veiled reference to the USA). It’s hilarious to see that your weapons consist of bas...

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The House That Charm Built 0

There are some games that want to set the world on fire. They have revolutionary graphics, controversial content, unheard of gameplay, dynamic, immersive sound, and sweeping, epic plots. And then there's this game. Average graphics for the time, nothing new in the sound department, a battle-system used for years and years in other games, and little to no character development. It's not a mistake that I awarded this game five stars, because it taps into something used less and less as time goes o...

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Earthbound is an RPG gamer's "right of passage" 2

Earthbound was originally released in 1994 and to this day, it is still better than most RPG's of it's kind. Sure, battle systems have grown more advanced, graphics have improved, and voice acting has been introduced. But if you’re looking for a completely original, unique, bold and memorable experience, pick up Earthbound for your SNES, and dive into a world that leaves a delicious taste in your mouth long after it’s over. Personally, I’ve have played this game from start to finish many times s...

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My Fellow Earthicans... 0

I'm still getting over the shock that not only was this a huge, epic RPG with tons of gameplay and a fun story, but it actually CAME WITH a strategy guide! That is (as they used to say in the 1980s) awesome to the max. It is also way radical, most excellent, totally righteous, and splendid.Of course, it's me, and I'm biased, so EarthBound loses points for being a turn-based RPG. Sorry, but waiting my turn to use a menu and not being able to control any of the fighting isn't synonymous with enter...

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A cult classic worthy of the pedestal it finds itself on 0

In a time where Grand Theft Auto is one of the biggest brands on the planet, the idea of a non-American developer making a game depicting a skewed approximation of America is nothing crazy. However Nintendo, Ape, and HAL Laboratory put out a product like EarthBound years ahead of this curve that was equally as re-inventive to it's genre that lives as a cult classic that stands out like nothing else. And outside from the other games in the as known in Japan Mother series - of until recently dubio...

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