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    Earthrise an upcoming MMORPG from Masthead Studios set on post-apocalyptic Earth.

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    Earthrise is an upcoming MMORPG in development by Masthead Studios. It is to be set in post-apocalyptic Earth enviroment and is going to be more skill based then class based giving a much wider character customization aspect to the game. The game will require a monthly subscription, costing similar to current MMORPGs on the market, and is set to be released in fall of 2010.


    After the Third World War, mankind managed to re-build society and create the thriving city of Sal Vitas. Technology advances have allowed humans to become invicible as well as providing the ability to store a human's consciousness in a vault and uploading it into a cloned body. The discovery of new energy sources and the introduction of a unified government has led the humans to believe paradise has finally appeared on Earth.

    However the government's full control over the cloning process has led them to decide who does and does not live giving them the "role of God" on Earth. Meanwhile crime is brewing up as insurgent forces have accused the government of crimes against humanity and armed factions fight for resources; a rebellion has formed causing the creation of a new goverment - Noir.


    Character Customization & Advancment

    The player is able to almost fully customize their character; gender, size, complexion, face and hair are all customizable however primary statistics are all pre-assigned. Unlike most other MMORPGs, there is no leveling system in Earthrise. Instead, the character advancement is purely skill based meaning all skills are able to be fully maxed out and the player will reach a peak in character development when they have no more skills to upgrade. The skill system is said to be updated with future expansions.


    Earthrise is going to have a similar grouping system to those in other MMORPGs however it is limited to six players per group however groups have the option to unite with other groups so they can quest and raid together. Grouping is one of the main focuses of Earthrise with many social features available at launch; Masthead Studios have stated that the main quests and storyline are solo-friendly so players will be able to easily complete quests without help.

    Player v Player(PvP)

    Players have the option to join a guild and compete for land and resources. Once a guild is in control of some land they can build up military bases and extract resources. Instances and Raids are also a possibility.


    Players will all have their own personal customizable hovercraft which will be their main method of transport.


    Crafting is a major gameplay element in Earthrise and is an alternative for players who want to stay away from combat. Crafting will allow players to earn money without having to go into combat too much. Guilds will be popular amongst crafters due to territory being a main source of resources required for crafting. Atanas Atanasov says that players will be "capable of infusing Designs into items -- special bonuses and enhancements, or totally separate effects that allow the crafter to customize an item to the needs of his or her customers."

    Enterra Island

    Enterra Island is a small piece of land that survived the Third World War which left the rest of the planet unihabitable. The humans who managed to survive re-built society on this island using the newly found energy sources. Only a few areas on the island have been reclaimed due to the dangerous enviroments and animals however few have been claimed.
    An early design on Enterra Island.
    An early design on Enterra Island.

    • Sal Vitas
    • Old Town
    • Exodus Island
    • Industrial Area
    • Eastern Gardens
    • The Nest

    Atanas Atanasov, Masthead Studios CEO, said " The map is quite big compared to most current MMOs. It's as big as World of Warcraft with all its expansions and there are even some smaller islands which add to the size of Earthrise." Masthead Studios are planning to add to the game world by releasing at least one expansion per year.


    Masthead Studios posted some of the music from the Earthrise soundtrack on the Earthri
    009 se website.

    System Requirments

    Minimum Requirements:

    • 2 GHz CPU
    • 256 MB VRAM video card supporting shader model v3.0
    • 1024 MB RAM

    Guild, Clans and Corps


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