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    Earthworm Jim

    Character » appears in 13 games

    A regular Earthworm from Texas who happened to stumble upon a space suit. He starred in several platformers of the same name, most notably on the SNES and Sega Genesis.

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    Origin Story

    Earthworm Jim was just an ordinary earthworm, until one fateful day when a robotic super suit fell out the sky, crashing down onto him. Upon entering the super suit, the naive worm becomes intelligent and gains the ability to walk upright and talk. Not long after, his soon to be arch-nemesis, Psy-Crow, lands on Earth searching for the lost super suit. As it turns out, the super suit was built by Professor Monkey-for-a-Head to help the horrible insect queen, Queen Slug-For-A-Butt conquer the galaxy. A rebel force intercepted the suit as it was on its way to be delivered to the Insect queen, and the fight between the two forces resulted in the super suit falling to earth, creating our hero Jim. Having overheard the notorious Psy-Crow contact the evil Queen Slug-For-A-Butt regarding the loss of the super suit, Jim also learns of the Queen's horrible plans for her twin sister, Princess Whats-Her-Name. Summoning up his new found courage and utilizing all the functions of his super suit and blaster, Jim sets out to free the Princess.


    Jim is a somewhat gullible earthworm, with a world view ever so slightly skewed. He relies on his courage, luck, and irrevelant humor to get his way through tough situations.

    His catch phrases include "Groovy", "Whoa, Nelly", and "Eat dirt!"


    Super Suit

    The entire existence of Earthworm Jim, bipedal worm hero, hinges solely on the existence of this super suit. Being robotics, the suits grants the wearer super strength and nigh-indestructibility. By some unexplained property, perhaps some sort of radiation, the suit also transfers Jim from an ordinary earthworm into a walking, semi-intelligent being.

    The Plasma Blaster

    "When all else fails, start blasting!" - Jim's trusty sidearm, this space-aged super weapon possesses a constantly regenerating energy/ammo source that may be tied into the power of the supersuit. It is Jim's primary method for dispatching enemies.

    The Pocket Rocket

    Jim's perosnal transport device, which seemingly pops out of nothingness as it is normally stored in the super suit's pockets. The pocket rocket is big enough for Jim to ride and is able to transport him at great speeds throughout the galaxy.


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