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(Ardougne is a members only city in RuneScape)

East Ardougne is the capital of the Kingdom of Kandarin. The eastern part of the city is currently ruled by King Lathas, whilst the west is ruled by King Tyras, his brother. The two had a fierce rivalry and split the city in two after their father died. Since then, the Western part of the city has been infected with a mysterious plague, and as a result, the wall between the two cities has closed.

East Ardougne is fully accessible to all members, with no quests required to enter, unlike the Western side, which requires you to complete the Plague City and Biohazard quests to fully access.

Important locations in East Ardougne

  • Ardougne Castle
  • Market (with plenty of low/high level stalls which can be thieved from)
  • Two banks, one located in the north of the city and the second located near the Market.
  • Ardougne Zoo
  • Dock (where you can take a ship to Brimhaven for 30 gp or charter a ship to various other ports
  • A lever taking you to and from the Level 51 Wilderness, near the Mage Arena.


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