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    Eastern Wastes

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    The Eastern Wastes of Velious are the gateway to the rest of the continent for those arriving from Iceclad Ocean.

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    Sleeper's Tomb
    Sleeper's Tomb

    Eastern Wastes is a massive outdoor region which any newcomer to Velious must traverse in order to reach any relative safety on the continent. Coldain dwarves, Kromrif frost giants, Ry`Gorr orcs, and various wildlife including wooly mammoths, manticores, and snow griffins all patrol the region. A massive bridge, known as the Gretespaign, from the east connects the Icy Fingers of the Iceclad Ocean to the main part of the continent. Found at the center of the region is Ry`Gorr Keep, a fortress inhabited by a vicious band of snow orcs attempting to claim the lucrative Crystal Caverns below as their own. The bonfire in the center of the fort can be seen from many miles away assuming a blizzard isn't rolling through. To the northwest is a passage to the Great Divide, one of the scars of Veeshan. To the southwest is a valley so deep that one can only see the bottom when the sun is highest in the sky. The valley leads to the entrance of the frost giant stronghold known as Kael Drakkel. Those who have not earned the respect of the giants should obviously use extreme caution when attempting to pass through to the western half of Velious. Far to the south in the Eastern Wastes is a massive statue of a slumbering dragon. This marks the entrance to the Sleeper's Tomb where Norrath's most powerful dragon lies in an eternal slumber. Travelling through the Eastern Wastes can be perilous for anyone thanks to its massive size and constant weather changes that can disorient even the most experienced rangers.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Coldain
    • Dain Frostreaver IV
    • Kromrif
    • Kromzek
    • RyGorr Clan Snow Orcs
    • Ulthork


    Notable NPCs

    • Boridain Glacierbane
    • Captain Berradin
    • Captain Ulmog
    • Chief Ry`Gorr
    • Commander Bahreck
    • Firbrand the Black
    • Frost Giant Captain
    • Garadain Glacierbane
    • Garath the Trader
    • Icefang
    • Oracle of Ry`Gorr
    • Peffin Ambersnow
    • Rodrick Tardock
    • Ry`Gorr Minstrel
    • Seneschal Amat
    • Ulthork Raider

    Notable Items

    • Beer Stained Coldain Tunic
    • Book of Tactics
    • Cloak of the Ry`Gorr Oracles
    • Dark Ember
    • Dirk of the Traitor
    • Gauntlets of the Black
    • Giant Woven Vest
    • Leather Greaves of Civility
    • Orc Fang Earring
    • Orc Fang Necklace
    • Orcish Lute of Singing
    • Ry`Gorr Battle Mail
    • Ry`Gorr Chain Armor
    • Spine Chill Spear
    • Talisen, Bow of the Trailblazer
    • Torque of Hoar Frost
    • Ulthork Hide Armor

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