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A very limited FPS

The game doesn't really have much going for it.  I would call it your standard FPS if it had come out 5 years ago, but games have evolved a lot since then and what we have come to expect has changed. 
Short of the basic cover system, the game has pretty much nothing else besides shooting wave after wave of enemies that spawn out of nowhere.  The nowhere spawning is at least addressed in the story, but its still nowhere spawning.  Even the cover mechanic isn't all that great, I didn't even use it most of the time. 
There is nothing broken about the game, but there isnt anything great about it either.  The humor is OK, but also nothing stellar.   
One of the brighter points is that its at least generous with the Achievement Points, if you know what they are and work toward them you can unlock most in the first play through. 
I rented this game because I am a Will Arnett fan, but even his humor wasnt enough to make it good.  If you want a very basic FPS with some easy Achievement Points, then this might be worth a rental.  Otherwise stay away.

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