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 Average everyday destruction
Average everyday destruction

Taking their cue from classic monster media such as Godzilla, King of the Monsters, and Rampage developer FluffyLogic has created the PlayStation Network title, Eat Them! At the outset, players create a monster out of dozens of individual body parts with stats such as Health, Speed, Power Drain, and even Fear. Colors and styles are customizable and numerous created monsters can be named, stored and saved in the Monster Lab. Different as they may be, all of the monsters in Eat Them! are powered by squishy human bodies and they must be constantly consumed in order to stay alive.


Several modes of play are available including Race, Survival, Hunt, and Maximum Destruction for one to four players (local split-screen play only) in both competitive and co-op modes. Regardless of your chosen mode you'll have to balance hunting down scurrying humans to keep your power up and destroying opposing forces like tanks and soldiers while trying to dismantle as much of the city as possible. Your performance is tallied at the end of each stage and your earnings can be used to unlock even more monster parts in the lab.

Art Style

Eat Them! relies heavily on a 1950's sci-fi comic book style with mock comic covers and imagery serving as its user interface. The game itself features a cel-shaded visual style with heavy black lines around objects that's not too far away from the way Borderlands looks.

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