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    Ebony & Ivory

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    Dante's signature handguns used in the Devil May Cry series.

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    The only weapons to appear in every game in the Devil May Cry series. The only pair of pistols that can hold a demon aloft on a cushion of bullets. These are Dante's customized handguns, designed to fire bullets at a rapid rate. Their designs are similar to Luce & Ombra, a pair of handguns wielded by Dante's father, Sparda.

    In all games, Dante is shown wielding the handguns as his secondary weapons (besides the Force Edge, Sparda, and Rebellion). They can be also upgraded for maximum firepower, greater damage, and a faster firing rate. In Devil May Cry 3, Vergil is shown to wield Ebony, as he was forced to work with Dante to defeat Arkham.

    An engraving addressed to Dante can be seen in the guns:
    For Tony Redgrave
    By .45 Art Warks

    This engraving is also present in Sparda's own handguns, Luce & Ombra.


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