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    Ecco Jr.

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Aug 15, 1995

    Dive into the ocean with Ecco Jr.

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    Ecco Jr is the third entry in the Ecco franchise, unlike the first two games, this game was made by Sega's "Kid's Club": division which specialized in making kid friendly games. As such, Ecco Jr is much easier and simpler than the previous entries in the series. This is most apparent in the fact that it is impossible to die in the game.

    Players can choose to play as either Ecco or as Kitnee. The goal of this game is to find a giant whale, named Big Blue, who lives in the Endless Sea. He is the known as the king of the ocean and he is the biggest animal in the world. To get to Big Blue, players have to open Crystal Doors that open up new areas of the ocean.


    There are 8 different game types:

    • Scavenger Hunt - you have to search for different items and creatures. They are pretty simple to find.
    • Hide and Seek - The items are blended in, and they is harder to find.
    • Tag - Try to tag the other dolphin, then hurry up and go to the Crystal Door.
    • Collecting and Matching - Find the music rings and match them to blue ring patterns.
    • Roundup - Try to get all the fish or shells into the caves.
    • Follow the Leader - Find a dolphin and follow it.
    • Rescue - Find the lost baby or item and return it to it's owner.
    • Keep Away - Take your treasure and avoid the other dolphins.

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