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    Echo Caverns

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    Echo Caverns consists of two separate passages from Shadow Haven that each lead to other depths of Luclin.

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    Haven Outcasts guild
    Haven Outcasts guild

    Echo Caverns is unique in the fact that there are two distinct sections which are divided from one another with no passage to get from one side to the other without first returning to Shadow Haven and entering from the other side. From Shadow Haven, there are two ways to enter the Echo Caverns. The obvious way is through the district run by the dwarves, halflings, and gnomes, which is found in the southwest part of town. Not far into the caverns is where many a band of religiously disillusioned gnomes have made their homes. Two brothers battle furiously over whether or not they are ruling the Kingdom of Below, as in below ground, or the Kingdom of Above, as in above Norrath. Further in, there is a group of undead Iksar who still serve a Shissar slaver known as Taskmaster Torkazh. The truth is that the taskmaster has long since died, and is now controlled by a thought horror from The Deep. From here, it won't take long to reach the end of cave system, which then leads to the much more dangerous area known simply as The Deep.

    The other entrance to Echo Caverns is only accessible through a secret passage near the soulbinder. This passage is hidden because it is the den of thieves, necromancers, and shadowknights who find themselves unwanted in the otherwise all inclusive Shadow Haven. Here, adventurers who hail the dark gods can find refuge, training, and goods much like the underground societies found beneath Freeport and Qeynos. Further into the caverns, beyond a steel door guarded by the Shadow Haven guards is a more swamp-like region, which is inhabited by a strange race of short humanoids known as Boglings. They do not welcome trespassers, but it is quite simple to outrun them to the outpost of Fungus Grove nearby. That is unless one of the tentacle-like plants in the bog roots you to the murky, wet ground.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Antonius Bayle
    • Cult of the Great Saprophyte
    • Deepshade Collective
    • Guards of Qeynos
    • Haven Smugglers
    • House of Stout
    • Knights of Thunder
    • Lake Recondite Bandits
    • Outcasts and Mutants
    • Priests of Life
    • Traders of the Haven

    Guild Halls

    Guild HallClassesGuildmasterChurch
    Haven Outcasts
    • Lineol Terpalig
    • Master Wirgus
    • Master Yurian
    • Master Nochtar
    • Master Assassin Prasor
    • Duke Norfin
    • Marshall Galeron
    • Master Celerik

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Haven OutcastsBank, Weapons, Food & Drink, General Supplies, Caster Supplies, AlcoholJewelcraft, Poisoncraft
    Trace the Tinkerer Tinkering


    Notable NPCs

    • Amscray the Historian
    • Chief Groplin
    • Crazy Pete
    • Fireclaw
    • General Jared Blaystich
    • King Gomklin of Below
    • King Grery of Above
    • Priestess Tarafol
    • Taskmaster Torkazh
    • The Great Saprophyte
    • The Needlite Queen
    • Trillcor
    • Xilniov

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