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Refer to the map  
Geo's house- far left. Geo's home and you could save your game here by going to bed at the end of the game 
Neighbor's house- right next to Geo's house. Uninhabited. It was said that the original residents moved out.  
Luna's house- the biggest house which is the right of the neighbor's house. This is where Luna lives 
Big Wave- The southernmost structure. You buy and trade your battlecards here. You also meet Claude Pincer and his EM alien, Cancer Bubble.   
Bud's house- The small brown house near the middle of the map. This is where Bud Bison lives. 
Zack's house- The small house adjacent to Bud's house. This is where Zack Temple lives 
Echo Elementary- Beyond the gates behind Bud, Zack's and Luna's house. This is where Geo, Luna, Bud and Zack study as of the moment. They are all Grade 5 for now.  
Bus Stop- The little dark brown thing which is in the front left of the school gates. This is where you can travel to other locations, such as AMAKEN labs.  
Vista Point- Beyond the stairs on the top right, left of the school gates. A location where the sight is best to gaze at the stars. This is where Geo and Omega-Xis (two main characters) first met. 

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