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It's not completly original, but you will enjoy it

 The last game, Echochrome was a great idea on paper. It was MC Esher inspired and felt like a mature game that challenged people to think differently. If you were confused by Braid, this game would blow your head off. The new entry in the series throws away everything from the design to the 3D design. The only things that are left are the shadows, characters and the holes. Other than that it's a completly new game. The game itself isn't very similar to most games on the market. But online free flash games have the same premise. For example "Chronobot" and "The company of myself". These games incorporate the same ideas used in this game with the exception that since tis is a retail game, it's filled with new problems and obstacles. The controls are also incorporated well, although the time limit for how long you have to finish puzzles makes mistakes painful. Luckily, the puzzles in the beginning of the game have a nice learning curve and give you plenty of time to finish. Also if you find the puzzles too easy, you can get higher scores to unlock levels in higher difficulties faster. The gameplay itself is pretty simple though. You have 30 or more seconds depending on the level to do certain tasks before time rewinds. After time rewinds a shadow will take your place and perform all the tasks you did, while you perform tasks at the same time.  The trick is the shadow's actions do affect the enviorment allowing you to perform impossible tasks or ones impossible within the time frame. Your score is measured by the number of shadows you create with less being more skillful. Also the clean presentation makes navagating the menus feel nice and simple. The tutorials have a nice  touch by giving you info on how to get past new obstacles. All together it looks and feels great on the psp, and the level of strategy is nice and well thought out. It also gives out a mature feel and is great for people at work, or people who are looking for a more mature title, but not in the sense that most people see in the word. In other words, if you're a puzzle fan you will enjoy this game and how well thought out it is.

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